C-ZAR Of G.M.Clan – Duality

 C-ZAR Of G.M.Clan – Duality

C-ZAR Of G.M.Clan – Duality – EP Review

OKAY.  Think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for from the Rap genre this year.  I’ve heard some good songs, I’ve checked out a couple decent records, new crews & new emcees on the scene…but this…THIS new record by C-ZAR of G.M.Clan has got the serious JUICE my ears and yours truly crave.  For me, Rap has always been about the strength of the material and the confidence to spit it correct – and I honestly can’t say enough about BOTH of these aspects when it comes to C-ZAR’s music – this Duality EP is fully loaded entertainment & entirely badass, revealing an emcee that’s clearly at the top of his game.  For real – it ain’t just a really good Rap record, it’s definitely one of my favorite of the year so far in any genre – this is an emcee with the charisma it takes to stand apart from the rest of what’s up out there.

I mean, just take the first cut, the “Duality (Intro)” for example…when most people, artists, or bands mention the word ‘intro’ – we’re usually talking half-measures…a tiny dose or sample of what’s to come.  Well fuck all that noise – C-ZAR of G.M.Clan ain’t here to play by the existing rules – dude steps to the mic with explosive force, confidence, precision, and genuine finesse…it is what it is homies, this emcee is straight-up gripping when he spits a rhyme, end of story.  You get the full dose of what this man is capable of right off the drop when “Duality (Intro)” starts up, no hesitation, C-ZAR is ready to pull the verbal trigger immediately and get your ears invested into the giant beats you’ll find on this new record.  Not only does C-ZAR reveal the style, speed, and skill that he raps with, but you’ll also hear right from moment one on the Duality EP that he knows exactly how to use the dynamics of a song to his advantage at all times.  Whether it’s springing off the beat or bringing extra heat to the bars whenever a few more syllables can be fit in, or a clever full-stop when the music drops out – C-ZAR makes the kind of moves that matter on the mic…moves that get noticed by listening ears – the man’s got the goods.  Smart use of backing vocals to add emphasis, punch, harmonies, energy…C-ZAR’s working overtime to entertain ya here like he’s the Tyler Perry of music & playing every role – and man does he pull this off!  Fantastic energy in this first impression, killer beat, amazing rhymes, undeniable skills – I mean…it is ALL on display for ya right here in the “Duality (Intro)” and C-ZAR gives you EVERY reason to keep listening.

It’s about the art & craft of a serious wordsmith, it’s about finding the right kind of beat & music that stands out for all the right reasons, and it’s about tapping into that perfect energy to suit the sound & words combined, connecting it all through performance – that’s what you get with C-ZAR of G.M.Clan.  Listen to a track like “He Is C-ZAR” and you’ll feel what I’m sayin’ for sure.  Some of these rolls & flows he’ll go on…like DAMN y’all…he’s seriously fuckin’ smooth!  I ain’t gonna lie to ya, he can definitely write a hook – they come out strong on both these first two cuts on his new EP – but for me personally, I mean…this dude just CRUSHES bar after bar after bar when it comes to the verses he creates.  Listening to the way he raps a track like “He Is C-ZAR” will prove to any set of ears that this emcee could easily compete with the best of the best & that he was born to rock the mic – he’s the X-factor come to LIFE.  And what better track to represent on than the self-anthem?  “He Is C-ZAR” sounds confident and focused, because the man himself is…as a result, these rhymes are coming out 100% flawless, naturally suited to C-ZAR and his superhuman abilities.  No kidding emcees…this guy is gonna put you all in his rearview real quick with the slick flow & precision-perfect way he can bust rhymes – he’s a verbal force to be reckoned with and unafraid to let you in on exactly what’s on his mind, keepin’ it real like that.

Speaking of real, he’ll take the direction of the Duality EP into a more serious vibe on “No Mo Feelins.”  At this point of the experience with this record, we know the man can rap with speed & precision from the first two cuts and the amped-up energy & heat he’s created at the beginning of the Duality EP – now it’s time to take the record into more chilled-out terrain through the stylistic sounds of “No Mo Feelins.”  Don’t get me wrong – I say chilled-out, but it’s certainly no less intense than the rest of the music you’ll find on C-ZAR’s record, and you can give the man himself credit for that…it’s the way that this guy raps that’ll basically keep you on the edge of your seat & listening to every word he spits.  Half of it is the tone of voice…C-ZAR knows exactly how to get the meaning into his words with the shifting of sound in his vocals…the other half is that what he’s rapping about also happens to be relentlessly interesting.  Whether it’s for the wicked way he constructs the rhythm & flow of a rhyme or the details & imagery he’ll supply in the words, everything stacks up to something you’ll truly want to hear.  “No Mo Feelins” lets you in a bit further into the inside of C-ZAR, his thoughts, perspective, personal experiences…you get to know the man behind the music more through a cut like this in the lineup on the Duality EP.

Time to get that anthem goin’ on!  “Hard In The Hallway” gives you the opportunity to shout it out & chant along with the gigantic hooks you’ll find on this cut – C-ZAR is large & in-charge on this track.  Pivoting & shifting his words, transitioning flawlessly through different tempos & timings, this is the art of an emcee in full-effect y’all – honestly, there are few out there that could possibly compete with what C-ZAR is capable of when it comes right down to it.  Like, LISTEN to the roll he goes on around the 2:20 mark and how fluid his flow is, how smooth the delivery is, how CLEAR the dude raps – ain’t no mumblin’ here & no fuckin’ around, the man is laser-focused when it comes to spittin’ rhymes and commits like very few emcees can.  And ultimately, that’s a lot of what continually pulls you in as a listener…it’s the level that C-ZAR is performing at…this is like an athlete in top Olympic shape.  No lie, “Hard In The Hallway” by anyone else out there, probably wouldn’t be my jam…I can recognize what wouldn’t normally be my thing…and at that same time, when something IS on the outside of what you’d normally be listening to and it somehow breaks through?  That’s when you’ve found something truly special dear readers, dear friends.  C-ZAR conquers “Hard In The Hallway” so impressively that, if you’ve got ears attached to your face, you can’t help but notice he’s kicking not just some, but ALL of the ass on this song.  C-ZAR turns goodness into pure sonic greatness on this cut, lights up the mic like other emcees could only dream of doing one day, and represents his skills with remarkable results all-around.  Again, the backing vocals and layers you’ll find there add SO MUCH to the personality of C-ZAR’s music and he’s wild’n right out here on “Hard In The Hallway” – but ultimately, these just might be the most memorable hooks you’ll find on this EP as well…everything about this track hits the mark bang-on.

Dipping back into a more chill vibe with a twist of R&B added in via the vocal hooks of Kenny Savage lending an assist to C-ZAR on “They Don’t Care,” together they tackle this slow-burning single-worthy tune and give it a crossover advantage with its combination of sounds & styles.  Like I was talking about earlier, C-ZAR is a master at using the dynamics of a structure in a song to his advantage – listen to the way he’ll bust back into the verses from the hooks provided by Savage – every single time, that switch between the artists & different parts of this song that they carry, all creates a huge impact.  It’s the kind of complementary contrast in sound that continually retains your attention…the balance of power here is spot-on; Savage is perfection in his vocals, C-ZAR hasn’t let us down on the m-i-c so far and I’ve got a theory goin’ on here that he never will after everything I’ve heard from him so far.  It might be a bit more of a chill sound that drives “They Don’t Care” – but we’re still talking about a Busta Rhymes-like quickness, personality, character, and charisma in the way that C-ZAR heats these bars up.  KILLER beats on every inch of this record, “They Don’t Care” keeps it fairly minimalistic overall really, but listen to how each sound you’ll hear really shines and makes an impact…those electric surges shooting through the atmosphere, the synth melody that adds a haunting vibe to the whole song…it’s a cut with a really cool design and several layers to appreciate.  Talent attracts talent, as I’ve often said many times here at these pages – C-ZAR has got himself an unbelievably perfect collaborator here in Savage, who has an amazing voice that’s spectacularly suited for a song with a vibe like this…Kenny was a smart choice and a genuinely natural fit on “They Don’t Care” – this cut has more style than a full season of Project Runway.

Got BEEF?  C-ZAR’s got beef yo.  You can find it in the ENORMOUS sound of the final cut, “Different Now” as he storms to the end of the Duality EP.  No joke – this song sounds mean enough to take your lunch money homies, you’ve been warned – “Different Now” is as huge as music can truly be and EXPLODES from the lefts to the rights with serious entertainment.  MAJOR credit to the production on this record…like…if you’re a fan of that kind of stuff, this EP WILL make your head spin and jaws drop in wonder over just how monstrously massive the low-end IS, and how professionally controlled it is in the mix.  Not even kidding when I say the amount of bass you’ll find in these tunes would have most engineers and studio-board warriors fearing for the red-line like never before – yet somehow, every cut on this record shows a remarkable level of stunning production that simply can’t be matched.  The music of “Different Now” is KILLER…and with the endless skills from C-ZAR of G.M.Clan on the m-i-c, this whole last experience is straight-up deadly from start to finish.  The SKILLS this man has shown us throughout this entire record…I mean c’mon now people, what else could you possibly want other that EXACTLY what C-ZAR gives ya?  Doesn’t matter what kind of vibes he’s working with – even at his most threatening on “Different Now,” this dude almost can’t help but be hella inviting to listen to at all times.

No joke, C-ZAR of G.M.Clan just brought Rap to a whole new level this year with the Duality EP – I’m more than impressed – I’m guaranteeing ya I’ll be bumpin’ this record for the rest of 2019, no doubt.

Find out more about C-ZAR of G.M.Clan at the official links below!

Official homepage:  www.HeIsCZAR.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/czarofgmclan

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7u_fg6e6tdcUbdgMvK2Gw

Distrokid:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/czarofgmclan/different-now

Tidal:  https://store.tidal.com/it/album/106660044

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