Bryson Briight – “Fool4You”

 Bryson Briight – “Fool4You”

Bryson Briight – “Fool4You” – Music Video Release/Review

Ain’t a thing about this dude that’s NOT part of him completely being an artist – talk about a man that lives and breathes his passions in life.  Bryson Briight is a whole bunch of amazing things, which you’ll see right there on his site; musician, photographer, writer, producer, DJ…and I’m guessing soon enough he’ll be the mayor of Austin, Texas, where he’s based out of?  It’s about the only job left off that extensive list of vocations & skills that I’m sure are still only a small percentage of what this guy has to offer the world when it comes right down to it – Bryson is clearly a man of many, many talents.

And as I always like to relate to you fine people out there – putting your heart into the art can make all the difference in the world to us as listeners.  You can see from the new video that Bryson’s got supporting his new single “Fool4You” that he’s got the right sound, approach, and sincerity it takes to tie everything together.  It’s convincing – beyond really – you can see right into this dude’s soul during the emotionally-charged tale he relays on “Fool4You” – just look into those eyes and you’ll see this is real.  He’s got the name, he’s got the look, he’s got the sound and a style that certainly suits him extremely well.  Thought-provoking amount of emotion in this song, truly…I mean, you can hear it for sure – but combined with the heartbroken look in his eyes that comes along with the video, this definitely ends up being a moment you’ll feel one way or the other – and quite probably both.  There’s an insane amount of subtle charm in Bryson’s overall sound…it’s extremely enticing to listen to.  In that massive list of skills, let’s not let the writing aspect get lost in the sea of just how many things this dude does…he deserves real credit for the songwriting of “Fool4You.”  It’s focused, it’s got great detail in the imagery of the words he’s chosen – and perhaps most importantly, he keeps everything tight by creating lyrics that genuinely reflect how he’s feeling.  The true self, vulnerable as it may be, on display…and as raw as the emotions of “Fool4You” may be at times – there’s a highly relatable tale of love here that many out there will be able to identify with.  Through the soul-soothing way that Bryson sings this melody, as devastating as many of these feelings & thoughts can be at times, there’s still a lot of comfort & beauty here.  Almost like Bryson’s created a song you can sing to yourself when you need it most.  It’s open, it’s honest, it’s real – we’ve all been fooled by love at least a couple times in life, haven’t we?  We’ve all felt powerless in its grip a couple times surely, yes?  We’ve all experienced those amazing feelings that come with all-things-love that are so strong they actually hurt, right?  I know I definitely felt like I could relate to what he’s singing about…he got to the chorus and I was like, ‘yeah brother, I’ve been there too’ – know what I mean?  Love can make you surrender in the weirdest & most beautiful ways, can’t it?  He makes these powerful feelings and personal reflections somehow easier for us to experience…like you can hear the catharsis in creating a song like “Fool4You” would bring to Bryson’s soul in getting all these feelings out there, but you can also hear the maturity in how he views the whole situation now by how he’s choosing to express himself on this single.  As far as the whole sound of this song goes – like…you’ve gotta love something with this much crossover appeal.  When Bryson started to sing, I thought, right on, cool Indie tune comin’ my way…then it revealed itself to be a love-song, no issues there…his guitar started to chime in and I realized there was even more goin’ on here.  Dude can sing, dude can play, dude can write…no joke, he’s a certified multi-talent – the writing has such smooth hooks and raw sincerity that it’ll definitely appeal to a ton of people out there, but for the real musician-musicians out there as well, you’ll notice that Bryson can really jam as well when it comes to the music he’s playing too.  Again, all this makes sense if you dig right into the bio – ain’t his first rodeo, he’s both fronted bands & played lead guitar for’em too throughout his time out there – but there’s certainly something to be said for & admired about the way his experience has truly stacked up.

Everything fits extremely well.  The song has such a delicate melody at the heart of it, representing that fragile state of mind that the song’s lyrics put into the spotlight.  The video takes it further by highlighting just how alone, personal, and inside-his-head much of this song takes place by showing Bryson isolated in every scene you’ll see – unless you count the scenes he’s in with himself in the background with the effects & all – but you get the point, there’s a statement being made there too ultimately.  And once again, true to his own style, nothing here is over the top or out of place – it’s plenty chill; the imagery is bold but simplistic and clear to get the feeling across perfectly.  The entire combination between the song & video bring that isolated & intimate nature of this song straight to the surface, the melody remains sweet, the instrumentation shines & Bryson’s vocals have great tone & texture that really add to this tune – all of this is done in such an impressively remarkable, controlled, and professional way.  Like I said, it all stacks up in Bryson’s favor strongly on this crushing observation on life & love…it might be a melancholy melody at the end of the day, but it sure sounds good to listen to and shines a bright light on an artist with a whole lotta heart – you can hear that more clearly than anything else by the words he chooses to end this song with in the last verse and the final impact they make.  Solid stuff all-around.

“Fool4You” comes from the Lover EP, which is out and available now y’all – so go check it out!  Find the music and find out more about Bryson Briight from the official links below!





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