Brent BOOmin – “No Coming Back”

 Brent BOOmin – “No Coming Back”

I don’t often end up sayin’ it, being originally from Vansterdam & all…but…credit where credit is due – that’s an impressive blunt homie.  For as much as he’s drinkin’ & smokin’ it down, rapper Brent BOOmin is clearly in full control on his latest single “No Coming Back,” gettin’ all kinds of grimy and intense as he moves swiftly from bar-to-bar, flawlessly pivoting & shifting his words at will.  Dig this kind of energy – BOOmin never lets up, has a seriously fresh flow, and is obviously ready to attack the Rap game no holds barred on his way to the top.  Mad respect!  Grab your favorite bottle of cough syrup or whatever it is you drankin’ and tip a cup or two in celebration of the man’s latest joint, push play below, and turn up Brent BOOmin’s new single “No Coming Back.”

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