Bravo The Wav God – Heart Break Bravo 2

 Bravo The Wav God – Heart Break Bravo 2

Bravo The Wav God – Heart Break Bravo 2 – Album Review

At first I was like…cool, the sequel!  Then I was like, wait – where’s the first record?  Then after some hunting on the internet, I found the original posted up on a site that doesn’t contain the new record, which is different from the sites that contain the new record, but not the old record – y’all still with me?


Anyhow.  It takes some digging but you can find Heart Break Bravo by Bravo The Wav God out there if you’re interested…it came out about three years ago from what I was able to find.  For the rest of you just tuning in like I am, the sequel arrived this year – so let’s see what’s up with Heart Break Bravo 2.

As “Maria Ladrones” kicks in and begins, you can hear Bravo The Wav God’s got that now sound, with a hybrid Trap/R&B vibe goin’ on similar to what ya find all over the radio…so that checks out.  Digging in internally, he “don’t give no fucks no more” he’s like “fuck it all,” clearly struggling with his mental at the moment.  I’m not here to judge all that…sounds like it ain’t been easy over there in the world of Bravo The Wav God, that I can tell ya…but ultimately, it sounds like he’s got his hooks in the right place.  I mean…it’s a track on a record called Heart Break Bravo 2 y’all – if you were expect songs about sunny blue skies, it’s safe to say you probably tuned into the wrong record.  “Maria Ladrones” makes it clear that the man’s got a whole lot on his mind and some stuff he needs to get off his chest.  Some people choose therapy, others find their catharsis through the art & music they create – whatever works for ya.

“Save Your Soul” sparks up the energy from where the album started, but make no mistake, he still “don’t give no fucks,” you know…just in case you were worried he was about to switch everything up on this second cut out of fourteen.  He’s explicit AF and makes no apologies about that, that’s for sure.  Bravo’s here to spit the facts direct whether you like’em or not – and I gotta admit, he sounds damn good doin’ it too.  Obviously if you’re averse to swear words and all that shit, it’s not a record for you – like…y’ain’t gonna be able to bump this at the office during your 9-5…maybe that’s a factor for ya, maybe it’s not – when you’re free for the day and the boss lets you out of your cage, you can always turn this the fuck on UP after that point, right?  Here’s the reality though…all excessive language aside, you can completely hear the work has been put into a track like “Save Your Soul” from the production side of things…the details in the layers of the music supporting Bravo The Wav God and the amount of attention that’s been paid to HOW things side is practically award worthy.  I ain’t gonna pretend I have even the slightest clue of what he’s rappin’ about, I’m way too old for that at this point in my grey hairs.

Personally, I see initials and I’m always like, cool, let’s figure out what that’s all about.  So I see a title like “H.B.B.” and I expect that mystery’s gonna be solved at some point in what we hear…but spoiler alert, it will not be the case today.  If you know, you know…and I suspect the opposite is equally true – if you don’t, you don’t.  Maybe that’s something Bravo’s gonna wanna consider in the future, maybe it’s not – that’s completely up to him.  The reality is, the more you go niche, the narrower the potential of an audience can tend to be as a result of not everyone being included in on what a song is all about – but there’s no rules in making music that says anyone has to care about that.  Again, I’m super old now, so maybe that’s like something the kids all say that I personally have no idea about…there’s ton of that shit in the world now, and I’m just doing my level best to keep up as the old guy livin’ his life.  What I can tell ya…or at least what I can gather…is that a track like “H.B.B.” is pretty much about fucking, ain’t it?  It’s very much the love’em for the moment & leave’em on the curb type of tune…so you know…there’s that.

I’ll admit…I actually laughed out loud when I read the title for “Ego Trip – Radio Edit” at first – I was like, in what fucking world does a track by Bravo The Wav God end up on mainstream radio?  Not that the sound isn’t relevant – it IS…like I said, you can find vibes like this everywhere out there in the scene right now…which kind of works both for & against him in that respect, but it’s definitely what the people are listening to.  But then, I noticed that Bravo actually DID make the extra effort to make this cut radio friendly – it’s the ONLY track out of the set of fourteen that doesn’t contain an ‘explicit’ tag on Spotify.  So…I suppose…if there IS an option as to what cuts get chosen as the single, this pretty much ends up being the choice by default.  Honestly, I don’t know that it has that much more of a single-worthy vibe than any of the other cuts we’ve heard on this record so far if I’m being real with ya…but it does contain LESS language than the rest of the tracks do, even though you’ll hear moments where it’s still implied.  Using clever pauses and smart production that edits it out…I mean…it works, I guess.  This world is fucking weird about that shit – taking out a word when you KNOW that’s what’s being said anyway, has gotta be one of the strangest things we all conform to in the entertainment business.  Say what you wanna say and let the chips fall where they may if you ask me – the internet’s too big to hold anyone back, and if radio doesn’t wanna play your shit, then fuck’em.  That’s my take on it.  Anyhow.  “Ego Trip – Radio Edit” works well enough…it’s slick, stylistic, smartly produced…he’s got the right pieces in place.

Anyway.  Let’s get back out of the made-for-family tunes and back into the EXPLICIT realm where Bravo belongs, shall we?  “You’re Mine” ain’t gonna go down as the most progressive tune you’re ever going to hear in this lifetime, but it is putting forth an honest perspective that many people out there still share.  I’ll be the first to admit, I might not really dig confronting the possessive aspect of being married personally, but I do really love the idea that both my wife and I somewhat enjoy being ‘owned’ by each other…more willingly than legally, though I suppose the result is the same.  “I’m not here to judge” – whether you own someone for the moment, or for a lifetime, it’s the same-same.  So there you have it – anyone out there that tells you Bravo’s style of music is just something you’d vibe to and it doesn’t make you think or consider important social issues too, the proof of the opposite is right there in print for ya, even if that’s not its main intentions.  I’ll say this…when Bravo goes the more melodic route like he does in the way these lines come out on “You’re Mine” – I feel like that’s where he’s the most effective and stands the biggest chance of being accessible to everyone listening.  Because it ain’t about whether or not you use excessive language or say ‘fuck this’ or ‘fuck that’ – that shit actually doesn’t really matter at all – it’s simply about sound that resonates and connects, which is why I always advocate for artists and bands saying whatever it is they really wanna say.  I don’t have to coach Bravo in the right direction on that – thirteen out of fourteen tracks already confirm he gets it…the other one outlier was created just in case Disney comes calling and wants him on the soundtrack.  I’m kidding of course, but you get it.  “You’re Mine” is a cut that reveals how Bravo The Wav God can be more effective on a universal level.

Don’t get it twisted, the man CAN commit – “Nowhere, Kansas” will prove that to anyone that doesn’t realize that.  Whether or not that’s to a lady, or to the battle, Bravo is ready to make his presence known and get the job done y’all…”Nowhere, Kansas” makes it crystal clear that it’s probably best to stay on the right side of him…if you’re crossing this man, you’re probably crossing the street afterwards, you feel me?  Dude really has a knack for finding the right music to work with – it’s been extraordinary throughout this entire album, produced to the nines and beyond y’all…”Nowhere, Kansas” would tell any set of functioning ears that Bravo’s got all the tools required to compete with the best of the best in his genre.  “I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit” – I’ll admit, he’s told you more about what he doesn’t give a fuck about on this record than he’s chosen to advocate on behalf of what he does give a fuck about…maybe that’s just my impression – like I always tell ya, there’s no rules on this writing shit – I just know what sounds good, and Bravo The Wav God never seems to have an issue in that department.

It’s largely a male-driven point of view put forth on these tunes…and I’m an equal-opportunity hater.  So yeah…I get it…ladies can let you guys down sometimes…sure, that’s facts.  What’s also facts is that it’s absolutely the same from the other side of the coin too.  We both hurt each other, sometimes and all of the times, that’s what’s real.  “Insincere” gives you one side of that story and puts the blame squarely on the female side of things…and that might just be the basis of this particular tale, though it’s a theme you can hear show up on many of these cuts throughout Heart Break Bravo 2.  That might just be what ends up inspiring a record called Heart Break Bravo 2 though dear readers, dear friends…and hey, we all write about what we know.  If the heartbreak is fresh, then that’s what’s on your mind, and you write about it.  It’s not until years later looking back on things objectively that we realize songs mean more than just the moment we’re in, and can end up representing a certain type of feeling, sound, or style of the times.  All that being said, “Insincere” is one of my favorite cuts to listen to on this record, and it’s not entirely about heartbreak…to be fair to Bravo, it’s much more of a cautionary tale of keeping your guard up and not having your feelings & emotions hijacked or taken advantage of…ain’t nothing wrong with that.  The melody of this cut is brilliant though – some of the strongest hooks on this short cut as well – it’s less than two-minutes in length and I would have easily gone for five-plus here…you’ll want more of this too.

Bass-lines on POINT yo!  “Fall From Grace Pt. 2” is one of the strongest tracks on the record as well, mixin’ in a lil’ bit of soul to the sound for ya in a way that’s guaranteed to connect.  The original “Fall From Grace” shows up on The Collection EP, released back in 2020, in case you’re looking to win that prize on Bravo The Wav God trivia night…now you’ve got the knowledge, and you’re welcome.  This is an extremely well put-together and smartly thought-out cut on this record though – it’s about looking for a bit of action outside of a relationship and how dangerous that situation can be on an emotional level.  “Love like an anchor, it hold me down, but down hold me back” – that’s an insightful line y’all – pay attention will ya?  It’s one of the craziest games we play…but “mislead a soul and it’ll become bitter towards the world” – Bravo The Wav God is clearly writing from real experience on “Fall From Grace Pt. 2,” you can tell by the way he performs this track and how this moment is described.  Not much more I can say other than if you’ve been there, you know.  Best to protect your assets and the people you love – and know that if YOU don’t put that work in, someone else out there is ALWAYS willing to give it a try.

I think there’s a really damn good chance that “Back Roads” is THE cut of ALL cuts on this particular record for Bravo The Wav God…or at the very least, I’m definitely leaning towards this being my favorite of the bunch.  I very much dig the fact that he’s such a focused artist overall, that even the middle of the album, where most tend to sag or drag a lil’ bit, Bravo’s managed to get some of his strongest material out there between tracks 7-9.  All-in-all though, there’s really not a whole lot to complain about here on Heart Break Bravo 2…chances are, if you dig some of what he does, you’ll dig on all of what he does, you feel me?  This is a tight record where there’s not a whole lot of deviation from the vibe it starts with to the vibe it ends up with…which in some circumstances, could be risky when it comes to a fourteen-track album, but he’s approached this the right way by keeping the tracks short and keepin’ it all movin’ quick.  “Back Roads” has award-worthy production goin’ on…and a genuinely natural performance to go along with it, that’s still got all the stylistic swagger you know Bravo’s capable of, and presumably love him for.  Beat/music-wise, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is one of the finest cuts on the whole record.

As far as getting to know the man behind the music is concerned, chances are, “EVO. 98” is going to be the track that gives you the most insight into who Bravo The Wav God really is.  He’s speaking directly to ya on this cut, style as on-point as it has ever been, but he’s being as real and straightforward with his thoughts as you’ve ever heard him as well.  That’s the result of spittin’ out material that really reflects who we are and what we’ve been through – that REAL LIFE shit that can’t be faked, you following me?  There are things that we create where the writing almost betrays us in that regard…there are moments in time in music where we know what we’re hearing is based on real life, because writing really can’t be THAT good – make sense?  So you get a track like “EVO. 98” that’s the honest, unfiltered, raw truth – no window dressing here, just the facts…and it’s because of that, a track like this resonates and connects that much more than the rest.  A track we can vibe on is a great thing, don’t get it twisted & don’t get me wrong – but it’s tracks like “EVO. 98” that are going to outlast anything like that by years and years in the end.  Moments like this because relevant & relatable in so many ways…and end up becoming part of the soundtracks of our lives as we take what we hear, internalize, and find our own attachments to’em.

Ayyyyy there we GO though!  Listen…I’m not gonna say I was right about extra length on these cuts potentially being a real good thing for the music of Bravo The Wav God, but that’s exactly what I was.  Now…there IS a chance that it’s a matter of it having to be the right cut & all, but if that’s the case, then that’s exactly what “Alia From The Hills” IS.  As much as I enjoy “Back Roads” personally, I always felt like “Alia From The Hills” raised the stakes to the nth degree & all-out next level whenever I spun my way through this album over this past week or so – there’s not a thing about this track that isn’t entirely genius.  A lot of this track is spent somewhat dreaming out loud…almost like Bravo’s speaking those dreams of his into reality – and it’s cuts just like this one that’ll have you feeling that he can get there…that no matter what he chooses to do in this lifetime, if he puts this level of focus & heart into what he’s doing, he’ll find the success he’s seeking out.  I have notoriously been a hater when it comes to music that is organ-based over the years…I could cite the countless examples of where people have tried it and failed, but I’m gonna skip all that, because that’s exactly how much of it there is…countless.  THIS though…might be the finest example of the organ being relevant and creating a vibe that connects as I’ve ever personally experienced though – I absolutely LOVE the music on “Alia From The Hills,” and I felt like the thought-provoking words/performance from Bravo was a powerful rival & complement to it as well.  It’s the longest cut on the record by almost a full minute & fifteen seconds…and another stellar example of how when Bravo’s at his absolute best, even a longer track will still have you wanting more.  Let’s hope that the sirens and the crash at the end doesn’t have this story taking a twisted turn metaphorically, like these are the thoughts he was thinking right as his life was flashing before his eyes – but that IS a possibility.  Musically, “Alia From The Hills” has got some of the most addictive sounds and creativity I’ve heard in any track in 2022 without question, inside this genre or any other for that matter.

Obviously, there are many intellectual aspects you can glean from the many points he makes about…

…hold up…wait a minute.  Did he just say he put his “thumb in her butt?”  Hehehe.  That in itself tells you something.  Like, as in, clearly the man prefers doin’ it doggystyle, otherwise putting a thumb in a butt is biologically awkward.  Not IMPOSSIBLE – let’s be clear on that – but yeah…much more of a less natural fit.  Don’t act like you don’t know.  Alright…so…”Katz” might not be a track you write your college thesis around – that don’t mean it’s still not fully worth your time to listen to.  I’ll be real with ya…there is a little less meat on the bone when it comes to this particular cut than the majority of the record at large if you’re considering hooks and substance & all that…but there’s no doubt that stylistically, thematically, and vibe-wise, it fits as cohesively into this lineup as any of the rest do.  Tight as a thumb in a butt is really!  Or at least hopefully.  If you’re putting your thumb into a butt, and it’s like ringing an old-school triangle style dinner chime bell, there’s probably an issue or two.  Anyhow.  I digress – but hey…so did Bravo.

It took less than ten seconds to tell my ears that “Fusilli” was going to put this record back on track, and that I was likely in-store for one of the album’s better cuts once again.  This would be right up there with “Back Roads” and “Alia From The Hills” for me personally…I felt like this was without question one of the best tracks on Heart Break Bravo 2.  Low-key, and probably one of the slowest songs on the record, it’s also mesmerizing, captivating, and sincere…another one of those cuts that has you feeling like you’re invested in the guy’s story behind the music, and hoping everything works out for an artist like this guy.  I mean…let’s be real here…Bravo’s what…three years or so into his career releasing music as a professional?  Dude’s achieving remarkable results already if that’s indeed the case and my math is correct…this whole album has been cohesive, tight, focused…all the stuff that matters at the end of the day.  He’s got material with substance, he’s got vibes that will connect for other reasons as well – but all-in-all, you can tell the work has really been put in to make this experience resonate with all of you listening out there.  Skills and talent will take you a hell of a long way in this business, no doubt – but it’s the work ethic that’ll separate you from the rest…and I feel like Heart Break Bravo 2 proves Bravo’s got the kind of juice that makes the difference.  He’s got some room to grow in the hooks department, and bringing a bit more diversity to the whole sound selection overall a little…but it’s a good thing to have some room to grow at the earliest parts of a career, otherwise there’d be nowhere else to go but down.  “Fusilli” is a master-class on getting it RIGHT…there’s not a damn thing about this song I’d ever change.  It can be devastatingly sad at points, but it’s tracks like this that I’d be using as the blueprint forward too – the emotions on display throughout “Fusilli” are ones we can all feel and relate to, from start to finish.

Giving you a final piece of advice on the last cut “Come N Go” – Bravo reminds ya about what’s important when it comes to the relationships we’re in.  Using repetition to his advantage in the hooks to give you something to vibe to, while also drilling the point home – “Come N Go” is a track about the realest among us, and a reminder that the realest stick around – for life.  Enlisting the assistance of Aavry on the mic for a verse, you get a bit more diversity in this last track as a result of having a new voice in the mix…and that might be something that Bravo wants to add in a bit earlier on in the future of his records to follow from here on in…this collaboration works out well.  That being said, the man has had no problem holding it down hard all the way through this record to this point as well, so there’s that to consider too…it’s not that he NEEDS a guest-star, but I suppose variety is something that never hurts, especially when you’re talking about fourteen tracks.  Heart Break Bravo 2 is more than twice the length of its original predecessor in that regard, which only had six tracks on it back in 2020.  In any event, it’s a strong ending to what’s been a spectacularly tight record, filled with the focus of a dude that’s got his sights focused clearly on becoming number one on your playlists out there.  The material is essentially bulletproof, the skills are there, and with the mindset/work ethic Bravo has, he’ll get to #1 for sure, and reach the level of success he’s seeking out, however he chooses to define that in these years to follow.

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