Bobby Royale – “Miss World” Feat. Anders Widmark

 Bobby Royale – “Miss World” Feat. Anders Widmark

Bobby Royale – “Miss World” Feat. Anders Widmark – Single Review

You’d pretty much have to convince people NOT to like this track, you feel me?

Rest assured, that’d be no easy argument to anyone that’s got their ears around the flashy flair & celebratory sound running through the vibes of “Miss World” by Bobby Royale featuring Anders Widmark – this is one of those cuts that would be extremely tough to resist on all fronts.  From the friendly & bright sound of the music, to the stunning vocals in the hooks, and the classic Hip-Hop approach to the bars along the way – “Miss World” is gonna be one of the easier tracks to like or love that you’ll find out there this year.  We’re talkin’ about personality & style for miles…positive intentions, outstanding musicianship, brilliant vocals…you can safely put the crown on “Miss World” as far as my ears are concerned – Bobby Royale and Anders Widmark are “shinin’ like a million lumens” on this song.

First of all, it’s got a whole vibe that takes you right back to the classic combination of old-school R&B and Hip-Hop – the upbeat roots of the genre itself grow into something wildly relevant for the right here & now of what’s happening in the music-scene – no lie, you listeners out there are gonna love “Miss World.”  With the infusion of big-band elements like the brass into the mix, and an absolutely sensational guest appearance from Anders on the keyboards, “Miss World” emanates consistently bright & beautiful vibes that are a perfect pairing to go with the sentiment & spirit of the lyricism.  You can consider a single like “Miss World” to be a genuine toast & tribute to the ladies out there, an empowering track written from the perspective of a true ally with much respect – it’s a celebration of independence and the real beauty that each & every one of ya possess in multiple ways, inside & out.

All-in-all, the amount of hybrid sound & accessible vibes within “Miss World” is just about as bulletproof as you’ll find out there.  As to whether or not it came out to the full results that they themselves were hoping to find, that may indeed be another story – you can find an entirely separate, more Hip-Hop orientated mix on “Miss World” that’s out there online too if ya know where to look.  Could be that they just wanted a different spin on a great tune, that’s more than fine too – ultimately, I can’t see or hear any obstacles in the way of this track finding the audience out there that’s bound to love it.  As far as this particular original mix is concerned, honestly, I think it’s nailed just about as perfectly as you could ever hope to hear – and considering how much is involved in the music & vocals you’ll hear, it’s genuinely impressive to listen to, every bit as much as thoroughly entertaining.  Essentially what we’re talkin’ about is the kind of refreshing energy you wanna hear through your speakers – a track like “Miss World” is built, engineered, and designed to put a smile on your face and a soulful song in your heart.

The most you’ll find me conceding here is that you can hear what would be pinned to a late 80s/early 90s influence on the overall sound, but I hardly think that’s any kind of a detriment, so much as expands the potential audience for a song like “Miss World” in the end.  Bobby’s got the bars locked down tight, the lyricism on-point, and the music surrounding him at all times, is nothing but fantastic, bright, bold, and beautiful.  The backing vocals/main hooks are outstanding, and equally memorable – the keys from Anders can’t help but get your ears excited to listen…”Miss World” has all the right ingredients that stack up to an irresistible single that’s guaranteed to satisfy and get people turning their good times into great ones quickly.  From Bobby’s fluid & smooth Q-Tip-esque style of flow and the positive direction of his conscious spin on Hip-Hop, to the spectacular horns in the mix & snazzy beat, to the jazzy solos and keys coming from the featured guest-star in Anders Widmark – everything you’ll hear stacks up to a solid win for this collaborative effort, and a single that’ll have you turning up the volume time & again for all the right reasons.  “Miss World” has got it all goin’ on if you ask me – it’s the kind of cut that just makes ya feel good to listen to, and I’m fully confident that I won’t be the one listening to feel that way.  Bobby Royale and Anders Widmark have got themselves a stunningly single-worthy cut that’s built of pure audio sunshine – you’re gonna love it.

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