Black Astronaut – “Uppercutting Juggernauts” Feat. InZane

 Black Astronaut – “Uppercutting Juggernauts” Feat. InZane

Black Astronaut – “Uppercutting Juggernauts” Feat. InZane – Single Review

Strap-in and be ready for this one; once it starts, “Uppercutting Juggernauts” never lets up.

The ever-impressive Black Astronaut Records cuts keep coming steadily, adding to a growing catalog of tracks that make the most of collaborative efforts between the writing of Charles Luck and various vocal-performers throughout the project’s history.  As noted throughout reviews on past Black Astronaut songs – one of our favorites to lead the way on the mic is rapper InZane…and once again, he flexes incredible verbal-skills and brings impressive energy to the words and flow on their new single, “Uppercutting Juggernauts.”

I must have read the words on this one forwards and backwards at least a dozen times while listening to it.  “Uppercutting Juggernauts” makes use of a rad Jimi Hendrix sample to establish its wild sound – and as I mentioned at the very start, once this machine starts-up, Black Astronaut never take their foot off the gas for a single moment.  InZane is a verbal gymnast in an Olympics-worthy performance here…when you read these words over and listen to how they’re phrased and set in the beats & the bars of the music, you see how it’s all broken-up to fit the metering perfectly.  Impressive to read these lyrics on their own, but you definitely appreciate the level of performance and the vibrant energy in their delivery from the mouth of InZane…he nails it again here.  When you look at the twists & turns those lyrics take on paper, you realize how each syllable is truly mapped out and carefully fit into its space in the beat and just how well InZane would have to really commit to & remember this material for it to really work as well as it does.

Representing the ‘Bad Luck’ side of Charles Luck’s writing…that extra-mischief & mayhem makes itself known right away in the lyricism of this tune…and just like the beat itself, never lets up.  I’m not usually one to take up space in these reviews by tossing in quotes from songs etc., but you gotta check some of these lines out for yourself…

Lines like “So I’m uppercutting juggernauts/and dumpster diving with jugalo’s/wearing huggies yo/to cover their buttcheeks.”  Or, “mind blower/genius/lyrically at least/with a 15 feet penis/just a bad British beast/who rapped the bible for jesus/with a mouthful of reeses pieces.”  Ever more classic, the memorable moment where the lyrics are “I rhyme with no pants/with frosty the snowman/while we’re doing lines of blow/and disrobing hoes man.”  And I could honestly go on & on – there are so many great lines, lyrical backflips, pivots, shifts & transitions that it’ll make your head spin…and many of these lines are bound to make you laugh out loud or at the very least raise an eyebrow or two.  For me, it all worked really well…”Uppercutting Juggernauts” takes itself seriously in the performance and the writing – but not in its attitude…and I felt like that really paid off here for Black Astronaut with a supercharged pace & humorous approach.  Luck’s got jokes yo!

Another impressive track from Black Astronaut & InZane in their growing number of collaborations – I think the beat and music for “Uppercutting Juggernauts” has excellent movement, certainly recognizable & full of dynamic hooks that make for a solid foundation for InZane to rhyme over.  Continually proving the merit and validity of this entire project track-after-track, whether you like your Black Astronaut clean or dirty, the quality and execution of writing & performance are always on-point.

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