Bipha – “Announce” Featuring Acemattz

 Bipha – “Announce” Featuring Acemattz

Straight from LittyNationZ to your speakers & screens – Bipha is here to “Announce” himself and make a statement in 2020 with his homie Acemattz on the mic right beside him for his latest single.  A solid collaboration that crushes bars and brings genuine style & swagger to their rhymes – the balance of strengths that each emcee adds to “Announce” is an essential part of what makes this cut work so well.

Trading the mic between them as they flow through this single with rhythm & precision – you get a solid dose of the history they share and the journey they’ve been on to get to where they are today.  And make no mistake, now that they’ve arrived at their destination & have kept the LittyNationZ fam fully entertained across the globe through the music they’re making – there ain’t no stoppin’ Bipha & Acemattz on their way to the top.  “Announce” is 100% about GETTIN’ IT y’all – you feel me?  From Bugattis to Mazeratis, diamonds to dollars, and all the ladies they can handle – these two make it crystal clear they’re in this music thang to make the most of their potential & collect on all that good-good fame & fortune in the process.  They’ve put in the work, they’ve got the skills, they’ve planted their seeds, and now it’s time for the harvest as they “Announce” themselves in 2020 with a single designed to have you reaching for the volume this summer to turn up the heat these emcees bring to the m-i-c.

With a slick & stylistic video edited with wicked effects for your entertainment pleasure, “Announce” bounces straight out of your screens with wild color, quick cuts, and the main stars of the show putting their star-power right there in the spotlight for all to see.  Ain’t no doubt they’ve created a cut you’ll want to spin several times over and a video that hits the mark big-time with the flawless edits in-time with the music, making the movement of “Announce” consistently amped-up with the energy & passion you wanna see & you wanna hear on full display, and impossible to miss.  Both Bipha and Acemattz bring massive doses of charisma & rhythm to their bars and together they keep the entertainment comin’ straight atcha at all times while they give you a glimpse of what’s real.  They’ve clearly been through a ton on the journey to get to where they are today – but if you’re seriously listening to the words they’re spittin’ on “Announce,” you better believe they’re ready to go the distance.  No holds barred, no fucks given, and no prisoners taken along the way – Bipha, Acemattz, and the whole LittyNationZ gettin’ up to support what’s happening here in this whole crew of talented artists, and with the determination, skill, and professionalism you’ll find in their music & videos, you can’t come to any other conclusion than the fact that these homies are going to find their way to the massive success they seek out…and deserve.  This cut explodes with big-beats and pops out in 3D through the screens at ya – check out the video for Bipha’s “Announce” featuring Acemattz below yo!

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