Bianca M – “Hello World”

 Bianca M – “Hello World”

LISTEN to the powerfully emotive & expressive vocals from singer/songwriter Bianca M on her latest single “Hello World” – she’s absolutely exceptional and a tremendous talent out there in the scene.  A positive force and a true light in this world, Bianca M sets herself amidst a dramatic & theatrical style & epic sound on the boldly melodic single “Hello World” and confidently puts in a performance that’s full of passion, heart, technique, and all-out stunning ideas.  The music surrounding her gets all-out orchestral and the background vocals are seriously awesome to listen to – combined with her lead-vocals, “Hello World” becomes a truly memorable & magnificent moment in time.  Aces all around here from production to performance – have a listen to “Hello World” by Bianca M below!

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