Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’”

 Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’”

Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’” – Music Video Release/Review

Sometimes we need a break from all this bullshit…

I don’t think anyone out there watching & listening to Benny Chestnut’s new single “Vibin’” could argue that he’s not providing exactly what he’s promising, y’all feel me?  Highly entertaining stuff from this crossover Country artist…dude’s even got his own mama in on the act when it comes to this new video!

That’s in addition to several other fine folks out there joinin’ in on this party; you’ll see several people make a quick appearance, making it crystal clear that Benny isn’t the only one “Vibin’” – he’s connecting everyone out there via this chilled-out hybrid cut he’s got.  I tell ya…Country music sure has gone through its own bold metamorphosis over this past year or so, what with Lil Nas X blasting the door open for a whole new variety of possibilities & potential within the genre.  The traditional Country crowd is likely scratchin’ their heads in wonder what in the all-hell is goin’ on, but for the rest of the world, there’s a completely new gateway into the genre that’s never existed and a massive audience out there that’s been awaiting innovative artists like Chestnut that are going to bring something new to their speakers in a style they’re already at least partially familiar with.

Made entirely during quarantine, Benny’s found a way to make the time he’s passing well worthwhile.  Clearly the man likes to have some fun…you couldn’t watch “Vibin’” and end up assuming anything else!  He takes on a couple bars to give this Countrified tune a lil’ bit of Hip-Hop in the mix…and he’s got plenty of buzz-words throughout the lyrics that I’m sure will connect with the people that actually know what’s cool will dig on…but it’s likely the genuine charm and enjoyable mischief that Benny’s creating that’s going to make the biggest impact overall.  One way or the other, Chestnut’s put himself in a great position to get himself noticed with this single & video for “Vibin’” – it’s brilliantly relevant for right now, right down to the last square of toilet paper and the general insanity we’re all feeling from being cooped up in our own compounds every day.  Heck, if the humor don’t somehow get ya, he’s even got his own choreographed dance moves to entertain ya with, along with everyone else in the video doin’em too; no joke dear readers, dear friends…Benny’s got self-isolation lookin’ like it’s actually one helluva time!

What he’s also done, whether intentionally or not, is cleverly demonstrate both how important the connection we share between us is, and just how willing people always are to get in on the fun if there’s an opportunity to do so.  I don’t wanna dig too deep into Benny’s lighthearted tune here, but think of this entire video as one big happy metaphor for the whole human experience…we all just wanna be “Vibin’” in our own way, don’t we?  And even though we end up often “Vibin’” individually, like we all are at the moment as we’re squirreled away from the world, there’s still nothin’ quite like “Vibin’” with your family & your friends – and of all things, that might be the biggest takeaway from what you’ll find Chestnut has created in this single.  Even though it can seem like we’re all in this on our own, we’re connected & together – and while it might have been one of the stranger ways you’ll find an artist making this point…you gotta hand it to Benny for finding angles that obviously suit his natural strengths bang-on to get his message across in a way that has a visual and audible chance to make an impact on viewers & listeners, especially right now.  Plus, face the facts, the man sounds good too.

We could all use a lil’ bit of fun at the moment…things have been somewhat haywire lately have they not?  Thankfully, there’s dude’s like Benny Chestnut out there willing to deliver when we need it the most – this is the kind of champion we need right now!  He’s raising glasses, cans, and drinks of all kinds throughout this whole video while he’s busy “Vibin’” – & I figure the best thing we all can do to support the man now from the safety of our bunkers is to hoist up a bottle of our own and toast a job well done.

So cheers to you Benny Chestnut – “Vibin’” is all kinds of good-times, and a real “break from all this bullshit,” just as you promised it would be.

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