Baron Mantis – “Nobody”

 Baron Mantis – “Nobody”

Hot damn is this crunchy!  Baron Mantis gets the energy & Rock flowing fast & furiously from the very first second of their new single “Nobody” and never let the intensity drop as they grip & rip through their brand-new tune live.  Loaded with hooks and killer distortion, this two-piece band throws everything they’ve got into this performance and come out shining with spectacular results.  And sweaty!  When you’re crushing it up on stage as hard as these guys do, bound to be a few drops of pure passion and Rock DNA hitting the floor by the end…that’s what great Rock is all about ain’t it?  Check this out for yourself and see what Baron Mantis brings to the stage opening up for Japandroids (c’mon – how COOL is that!!!) on the amped-up new single/video for “Nobody” below!

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