Az Music – “Brighter Than The Light”

 Az Music – “Brighter Than The Light”

If you’re looking for that next beat to rap your rhymes on, or an ethereal sound for your next single – BAM – Az Music has got you covered just like that with this new instrumental production currently titled as “Brighter Than The Light.”  Great mix on this cut & excellent ideas all combined to create one seriously moving & powerful vibe that could very well be the advantage you need for those sixteens you’ve been writing, and a genuine opportunity to spit hot bars or sing your hooks over a track that’s got it all goin’ on already.  Az Music has put the work in & made this cut work from beginning to end – now it’s time to make this track work for YOU!  Have a listen to “Brighter Than The Light” by Az Music below and make sure to hit up the main website underneath the video to find out more.

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