Awakening – “I’m Awake” Featuring Charlotte

 Awakening – “I’m Awake” Featuring Charlotte

Awakening – “I’m Awake” Featuring Charlotte – Music Video Release/Review

Pleasant & inviting vibes flowing throughout Awakening’s lead-single “I’m Awake” from the upcoming EP called Changing (life), rumored to be coming out real soon – this is a quaint & laidback tune with a lot of style & sweetness working in its favor.  Professionally written & composed by G.Gallo, featuring smooth bass-lines from Robert, and stunning vocals from guest-star Charlotte – this collaborative effort has yielded impressively engaging results.  While “I’m Awake” might slide somewhere into the easy-listening section of your playlists – make no mistake, just like every genre you can think of, there’s always something special to be found.  The guitars from G.Gallo are full of incredible tone & emotion when taking the lead, and he shifts into a more delicate & gentle approach when combined with Charlotte, who brings a fantastic mix of bold, confident, singing and style reminiscent of a young Chrissie Hynde.

Capturing the essence of the meaning, imagery, and feeling invoked through the lyrics & music of “I’m Awake,” you’ll find a video online, expertly put together by Arton Studios, who does an exceptional job of bringing the nostalgic atmosphere in this single to the screen to be enjoyed on a whole other level.  What I loved about “I’m Awake” most was that from start to finish, everything just feels RIGHT – you know what I mean?  The fluid & smooth flow and inviting sound of this single easily keeps you listening intently & appreciating the poetic way the words weave themselves throughout the verses & choruses, bouncing between the speakers with sweet echoes of Charlotte’s boldest tones soaring into the music.

Certainly a strong collaborative effort all-around and welcoming introduction to the music of Awakening – “I’m Awake” accomplishes exactly what a great single/video should…it gets us interested in what’s to come, what else we might hear, and gives us a solid reason to look forward to the Changing (life) EP for sure.  The welcoming aura of a song like “I’m Awake” is impossible to ignore…the wonderfully invitational atmosphere & focused passion of Awakening pulls you in gently to listen to the music & vocals as one complete experience, designed to be enjoyed by everyone.  Awakening & Charlotte complement each other perfectly in a flawlessly dreamy sound that tenderly beckons you in to sit & listen, while the beautiful sentiment & ambitions of “I’m Awake” sooth your soul and sweetly invade your heart & soul.  Check it out for yourself and have a listen/look at “I’m Awake” below!

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