Atomic Rebel – “Cuthulu Dreams”

 Atomic Rebel – “Cuthulu Dreams”

Atomic Rebel – “Cuthulu Dreams” – Music Video Release/Review

A wicked example of a the bridge between EDM and IDM, Atomic Rebel is firing on all cylinders with the dark & dynamic sounds on the November 2019 single “Cuthulu Dreams.”  Not only do you get a solid dose of mayhem, mischief, and menace driving the movement & sound along this sonic adventure, but the video is a freakin’ subtle masterpiece.  A perfect example of everything you need, all in the right places where you want it – Atomic Rebel has designed a seriously wild visual and audio experience.

Deadly sounds come pouring out at ya on “Cuthulu Dreams” – a flawlessly structured and executed cut built for the late-night hours.  Both the skills and ideas from Atomic Rebel stand out impressively through the ultra-smooth transitions and metamorphosis this single continually delivers; “Cuthulu Dreams” is epically massive within what seems like mere seconds into it, and never looks back from there, shifting and changing direction and sound seemingly at the sheer will of exquisite instincts.  It’s one nightmarish experience after another in the best possible way – Atomic Rebel’s “Cuthulu Dreams” crushes with a selection of electrifying & supercharged moments you can feel cling right to your bones.  From the brilliant addition of the “R’lyehian” chanting, to the flashy movement through the surging of Electro melodies & stunningly stylistic beat that switches, twists, and turns every moment along the way – Atomic Rebel is bringin’ it on “Cuthulu Dreams,” resulting in a single-worthy sound that grabs your attention instantly, and retains it with ease.  Have yourself a scan of the Atomic Rebel page at YouTube and you’ll quickly learn that success is no fluke at all – this is one completely hard-working project, and there is a ton of music that’s come out on the channel – some tunes already even newer than “Cuthulu Dreams” here!  You see what I’m sayin’?  Atomic Rebel has the skills & work-ethic to out-hustle the rest.

So…no question, I would have loved this track if I had only heard it with my ears without seeing the video that comes with it – it just so happens that there’s a strong argument to be made that the subtle craft on display visually might enhance the whole damn experience of “Cuthulu Dreams.”  Red hot sound and magnificent color combinations come straight at ya through the video, which has one single eyeball dancing around onscreen – and that’s it!  And you know what?  That is absolutely all this needs – the amount of sheer entertainment you’ll find is remarkable and never stopped being interesting to watch – from the moment that the pupils started to bounce to the beat, Atomic Rebel had me convinced this was no ordinary video at all.  Much like the song, the visuals are equally next-level – the editing & effects are laced into this visual trip have been created with such precision, you’ll be beyond surprised at how entertaining one stoic idea can be.  Full salute to Atomic Rebel, aka AR Trap, I very much dig what I hear and what I see in “Cuthulu Dreams” – and if you dig the wilder-side of what the Electro-scene has to offer ya, I fully recommending jumping on this single as quick as you can; it’s killer.

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