Ashley J – “Unbreakable”

 Ashley J – “Unbreakable”

Ashley J – “Unbreakable” – Single Review

Always uplifting & empowering energy to be found in Ashley J’s music.  After checking out her music for the first time back in mid-2016 with her anthem “Dare Ya,” she left a solid impression through a passionate single-worthy track that hinted at living up to her continual gold-star potential and professional approach for years and years to follow.  The kind of first impression that leads you to expect big, big things from an artist thereafter…that’s what Ashley J achieved last time…she set the bar extremely high, but also left us with the confidence that she’d be able to rise to any challenge that might come her way in music…or in life.

I try not to have too many ‘expectations’ when it comes to an artist’s new material; the last thing you want is to be static in the way you listen to music of any kind…you always have to allow the music you love to have the freedom to grow, evolve and refine itself.  Facts are facts though – Ashley J was ready for the spotlight the last time we heard her music…it’s only natural that through the flawless performance she put into “Dare Ya” that we’d assume she’s still on the right path and putting out her high-energy Pop/Electro sound with a similarly high-degree of widespread appeal and accessibility.

Proud to say this artist hasn’t let any of our ‘expectations’ down.  In this case…maybe it’s not so much about ‘expectations’ to begin with as it is about VALID PREDICTIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF A STAR.  Sorry to shout…it’s my job to make sure you’re not sleeping out there & paying attention to who’s ready to go.

“Unbreakable” finds Ashley with another stunning song & highlight performance in her career.  Her ability to combine sincerity, energy and melody into one is damn near second to none out there in similar genres…it’s always tough for Pop to generate that genuine connection from the artist to the music to the words, but somehow Ashley J really makes it all seem easy.  I’d suppose that again, speaks to just how ready for the big-time this lady is…even in the most personally revealing moments emotionally or the most pepped-up moments, she’s still keeping it incredibly real with us at all times in her writing, lyrics and expression in her vocals.

“Unbreakable” deals with relationships, love, life and the struggle to find that balance in between…and ultimately, promotes the power of one’s resilience to weather the storm that often results in that mix.  Ashley J proved she was ready to go her own way with “Dare Ya” and she’s furthering that sentiment, proving that she’s doing just fine nowadays through the confident lyricism in the hook and vibrantly uplifting performance she puts into her vocals on “Unbreakable.”  She’s ‘been through it all before’ as she claims…just as many of YOU out there have been as well…and if you’re HUMAN and you’ve experienced the ups/downs of relationships of all-kinds, you’ll not only find this relatable, but potentially a cut like “Unbreakable” has the empowering spirit to help you out of the downtime and lift you back up to carry on.  I love the universally relatable qualities Ashley J has in her lyrics…and again, I find it incredibly sincere.  She clearly puts her heart into her music with a tremendous amount of passion…she doesn’t make mistakes and likely even does the crossword with a sharpie; her tone and energy consistently complement the music surrounding her, maximizing every moment and message.  From her own experiences with heartbreak, she’s found that inspiration to turn tragedy into art and powerfully moving, emotion-filled Electro/Pop that achieves the ultimate – it sounds REAL.  There’s no plastic in this Pop that Ashley J makes…despite how flashy, bright and colorful the music and sound can be – in my opinion, she’s fully invested in every moment and proving that being REAL will always make more sense to our ears and connect to our hearts, minds & souls than those that try to fake it for a hit single.  Ashley J’s greatest asset is that strength in her connection to her material…she makes us believe every time we hear her…in her music, and consequently, quite often in ourselves as well.  She’s a shining example of an artist truly embracing her talents…and that inspiring vibe in her music has an energy that passes on straight to you; she’s not only got a fantastic connection to her own music, but to you as well.

Excellent…as expected.  Ashley J continues to be a beautiful and extraordinary light in this world.

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