Antwon Da Don – “A.A.”

 Antwon Da Don – “A.A.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  It’s like that is it Antwon Da Don?  This is kinda like trading one addiction for another ain’t it?  You’ve gone and battled your bottles, lived to survive and tell the tale – and now you figure it’s just “A.A.”-OK that you go and drop one of the most addictive singles/videos of 2020 on us like this?

Well-played player, well-played.

Pay ATTENTION homies – because THIS is what’s real.  Antwon Da Don’s a fuckin’ genius & we’re lucky to still have him according to the legend of his past.  I ain’t gonna lie…I’ve read his story over multiple times at this point…he had a problem or several with alcohol, and he’s not ashamed to admit it – in fact, he’s made a video & song that straight-up outlines the details of what life was like and how close he came to the edge in a sincere effort to draw attention to the fact that many of us out there need to wise the hell up, take what control we can over our days, and beat back whatever demons are possessing us.  I watch a video like “A.A.” and visibly SEE how much talent Antwon has every bit as much as I can hear it – and no lie, I got chills even considering the fact that he managed to total two cars inside of six months and somehow come out on the other side of it all to even make the entertainment I was so thoroughly enjoying.  As comical as this take on it all is, the roots of the issue and his own personal story seemed to keep me fully grounded in what I was actually witnessing in “A.A.” – which is really, somewhat of a miracle when it comes right down to it.  From the sounds of things according to what I’ve read, Antwon shouldn’t even be here with us today…like I said, we’re lucky he is…to think a talent like this guy might have met with an abrupt end before reaching his potential…honestly, it really is chilling to think about.

I’m glad that none of us REALLY have to worry about that anymore; Antwon Da Don has found his way through it, he’s sobered up with well over a year under his belt now, and just LISTEN & LOOK at the results of that effort will ya?  Straight-up y’all…this is how you turn it around 100%; he should be proud.

For real – it ain’t just hype – if you’ve clicked play up top then you’ve now experienced “A.A.” for yourself, and you get what I’m saying when I’m talking about natural star power.  Antwon’s got the kind of personality & comic-charm that absolutely draws you into what he’s got goin’ on throughout this single & video – his instincts & timing are flawless and add the X-factor into the mix visually & audibly.  If you somehow haven’t clicked the video above yet – I’m callin’ you out to take the Pepsi challenge right here & now and see if you can make it longer than I did without genuinely laughing at something you see or hear; I didn’t even make it ten seconds for the record, so you’ve got decent odds…I just wouldn’t bet on it.  The all-out determined look on Antwon’s face when he’s taking a breathalyzer basically had me at hello – and from there on in, believe me, this tale gets continually more wild from there.  A ton of this is designed to make you laugh – and it WILL – but Da Don has really put a lot of work into making this track & vid reach out on multiple levels…as in, sure, a lot of this IS extremely funny – but he’s done a good job of bringing a self-deprecating approach to it that’s not too harsh and a whole lot humble.  Essentially…as comical as this all may seem – it’s also based on his own real-life experience – and he’s leading by example in confidently tackling his issues of the past as head-on as possible here in the future.  Like I’ve been sayin’ y’all – this is how you do it – this is how you fearlessly turn the corner and start that next-chapter.  We all make mistakes – but it’s how you respond & learn that matters most.  Antwon Da Don gets it…and I’d imagine seeing the results onscreen from this killer video & single combination have gotta be encouraging to keep on the straight & narrow and the path he’s on now.

Absolutely stoked on what “A.A.” sounds like, just as ecstatic about the whole video as well – Antwon Da Don has got a lot of inner-courage to create a track as open, honest, and revealing as this is, even with the humor taking the lead role, don’t be fooled – it takes cojones to make a cut like this.  Full respect to the main man; from the wild way he takes on the bars, to the slickness of his lyricism & hooks, to the brilliant way he pulls us all aside to break down what “A.A.” is really like for ya (and consider yourself HEARD on group settings yo, we feel ya Antwon), to the video that pulls everything he’s rappin’ about & everything he’s been through together right in front of your eyes – Antwon Da Don has clearly more than made a successful rebound in LIFE, and he’s workin’ hard to keep the momentum goin’ int he right direction.  He’s in the driver’s seat of his music career now, comfortably strapped in and stereo fully loaded – and he’s cruisin’ to victory with all four wheels on the ground where they belong.  And if he keeps this up – he’ll get to where he’s always wanted to go all along; he’s got the natural ability to connect & entertain, no doubt – & now he’s got the focus, mindset, and determination to put all the right pieces together & grind his way to the very top.

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