Angel Boy – “Retrograde”

 Angel Boy – “Retrograde”

Strap in for a cinematic experience in the new single/video for “Retrograde” by artist Angel Boy, expertly shot by Isabelle Ciobanu.  Brilliant colorization, killer visuals onscreen with smart effects, and just a touch of samurai influence in the mix – “Retrograde” has excellent editing and scenes designed to entertain ya.  Shifting his flow to suit the bars, Angel Boy brings designer rhymes to the m-i-c, delivering a personal tale of life & love, heartbreak & moving on, transitioning his energy & tone of voice to get the meaning of his words across clearly throughout his latest single.  Angel Boy communicates the pain of his experience in a highly relatable way that’s full of smooth groove and rhythmic flow, switching it up flawlessly in between his own confident lead vocals unfiltered & lead/background layered with effects to add the right punch, hook, or emphasis to his words to illuminate the emotion behind the words.  Chilled-out in sound, cleverly descriptive in the lyricism and fully in the flow of this moment, Angel Boy is conquering his feelings and controlling his own destiny on “Retrograde,” finding his way through this experience to break through to the next – check it out for yourself below!

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