Ambre IV – “Into The Dark”

 Ambre IV – “Into The Dark”

A definite date with worldwide stardom in the works here for sure – Ambre IV is straight-up sensational and this new single “Into The Dark” certainly proves it.  I’ve always maintained that as artists & bands out there, you KNOW when you’re really getting it right and you’ve got something special goin’ on – because it’s something you can genuinely feel, every bit as much as we can as listeners.  Even before I pushed play on the brand-new video supporting her song “Into The Dark,” the write-up that came along with it at YouTube caught my attention.  A note directly from the artist herself, it reads:  “I’m so happy to release the song, I feel like I found another part of me in the journey and showing it to the world is the best feeling, I hope you’ll enjoy the song and the video as much I enjoyed making it.”  I figured from the sincerity, humbleness, and enthusiasm I could see in that quote that I’d be in for something impressive – but I gotta admit, Ambre IV went on to exceed my wildest hopes for what I’d hear – there’s not a remote doubt about “Into The Dark” being one seriously single-worthy tune.  In my world, this is a complete hit-song, full-stop.  As for the artist responsible for what we’re hearing, Ambre IV not only has a supreme amount of talent and a remarkable singing voice, but the video shows you directly that she’s got artistically-inclined, emotionally-connected, and melodically-spectacular ideas that really hit home.  No question about it – Ambre IV has the X-factor in excessively entertaining doses you can’t possibly get enough of – “Into The Dark” is as professional & ready for the big-time as an artist can hope to raise their game up to one day…I’d be willing to bet those major labels out there will be knocking on her door any minute now.  Absolutely fantastic all-around, “Into The Dark” has hooks that’ll stick with you – and more importantly, you’ll want them to.  Complete with a stellar video to support it – don’t get caught sleepin’ here folks, you want Ambre IV on your radar, on your screen, and in your speakers – check out “Into The Dark” below!

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