Aly Frank – “When I’m Gone”

 Aly Frank – “When I’m Gone”

Aly Frank – “When I’m Gone” – Music Video Release

BIG BIG sounds from Aly Frank on her brand-new single “When I’m Gone!” Released early September, this massive-sounding, big-beat song hits as hard as pop-music can; using an electro-infused, low-end heavy vibe, Aly’s new track makes a thunderous impact through both the production and performance.

You wanna know the best part about the massive-music of Aly Frank? Cool! I’ll tell you then!

I think by far and away THE most impressive aspect of Aly Frank’s music, especially here on “When I’m Gone,” is her ability to bring every bit as much power, emotion and energy into her vocals. Aly’s voice is ENORMOUS…and before thirty-seconds have even gone by in this song she’s already established a huge presence and certainly makes herself known immediately on “When I’m Gone.”

As it builds and builds and builds quickly, Aly continues to sing confidently and clearly as the song ramps-up in its energy and atmosphere until everything explodes into an audio-fireball of a chorus. I am a huge fan of how she sings outside of the words she’s written – those moments where she’s vamping on the vocals with ‘ohs’ and ‘yeahs’ are extremely effective and put out there with such incredible power that it should ring out loudly as impressive to every ear within range. And that range could be quite significant – Aly has already perfected a voice that could echo for days throughout a mountain-valley. I absolutely LOVE hearing this kind of confident approach; Aly’s vocals shine so thoroughly throughout this track it’s impossible to not notice just how consistent she is in tone, power & quality.

Honestly – there is a HUGE hit here with “When I’m Gone.” Not only that, but I also think that whatever genre you’d consider Aly to truly belong to is still largely unpopulated, unique and expanding to wonderfully-creative new sounds and ideas all the time. Aly is complete proof of this; “When I’m Gone” has all the makings of a hit-song without sounding an inch put-on or phony – everything about this song is impressive and I’d wager a bet we have another potential world superstar here. While it is different enough from the rest of what’s out there, it borders on the vibe you can get from Ellie Goulding through the music but offers a different sound through the vocals. And a welcome one at that – I love Ellie’s music quite a bit actually…but this twist and lower-toned match to the music through Aly’s perspective is pretty freakin’ rad if you ask me. Energy-wise though…and that sweet-infusion of electro-mayhem…these two artists have quite a bit in common; and if Ellie can dominate the world…well…I’m just sayin…how far off could Aly Frank really be?

With “When I’m Gone” being the first of three planned single-releases, I’d expect that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Aly Frank in the short-future to come – but I’d also get yourself ready for this lady to become a household name at any moment. She should brace herself…she’s already based in New York, a well-known city for music and killer song-writers…and she already fits right in with some of the very best in her style; “When I’m Gone” could catch fire at any moment…it certainly does while you play it! I wouldn’t expect that Aly Frank will be able to stay a secret for long – this is a voice that demands to be heard. Captivating, charismatic and incredibly powerful – this passionate songstress is bound for the big-time. Even her lyric-video is insanely AWESOME – and I usually hate lyric-videos! But if the level of dedication through the audio, visuals, production and performance of “When I’m Gone” are any indication of what we can expect from Aly Frank…please, PLEASE sign me up for more!

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