A&L – “So Sorry”

A&L – “So Sorry” – Single Review “Never bet against me” might just be one of several quality lines you’ll find in A&L’s new single “So Sorry” but it could certainly also serve as an overall theme for the duo of Anthony Casuccio & Lana Marie – you can never count these two out.  Even […]Read More

A&L – “Hot Mess”

A&L – “Hot Mess” – Single Review Let’s face it…if you’ve spent your time in the club/bar scene then at some point in time, chances are you were around for a ‘last call’ two in your prime…those moments where the bartender announces the closing and eyes begin to dart around the room for prospects to […]Read More

A&L – “Onto The Next Heart”

A&L – “Onto The Next Heart” – Single Review With a bright, throwback sound that leans towards a time when rock was first branching out into exciting new combinations of pop/rock, the duo known as A&L are back with a brand-new single called “Onto The Next Heart.” Using big, crunchy guitars, sweetly-toned vocals and a […]Read More