Al Knight – “End Of The Line”

 Al Knight – “End Of The Line”

Strap yourselves in for a highly adventurous sound & single from Al Knight this morning will ya?

This dude is practically the very definition of hybrid; when you hear how the smoldering & slow-burning intensity of “End Of The Line” morphs and changes from where it starts to where it ends, you can’t help but be impressed with everything that’s been added into the mix along the way.  After a slick beginning that reveals a ton of depth in the music of Knight, from the ideas themselves to the end results in the production, we take a serious sonic journey into haunting & atmospheric melody and savagely bold Alternative-inclined sound that has real meat on the bone.  Listen to how essential ingredients like the incredible bass-lines…how the tone of the guitars seems to soar right through you or threaten to tear you in half…how Al’s vocals always find the right energy to suit the song and get the maximum potential from each moment of “End Of The Line” – and take a second or two to make sure you absorb the words here!  You’ll find, in amongst what can often feel like, and sound, moody, melancholy, desolate & despairing…are cracks of light & messages of hope in the dark that apply to both himself and many of us out here listening…an inspiring & spirited reminder that it’s not the “End Of The Line” for Al Knight just yet…not even close.  Check it out below!

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