Addictive Accidents – The New World Order

 Addictive Accidents – The New World Order

Addictive Accidents – The New World Order – EP Review

We’ve got a collective in the building y’all – listen up!

If I remember correctly…and I’m sure that I do…we were introduced to parts of Addictive Accidents last year in August when I was reviewing a record by a dude goin’ by the name of JStreet, who in turn, introduced us to a guy named Timmy Turn Up, both of which happen to be a part of this ensemble cast here.  I’m not entirely sure who’s full-time and who’s part-timin’ it, but you’ll see a few other names in the mix today as we check out The New World Order EP, including The Architek, Turrel Prhyme, in addition to 4141. Spazz who starts up this record with Timmy Turn Up on a track called “TOXIC.”  You know how it goes and what it is y’all…it’s a collective…and rarely do you find one out there that doesn’t have a solid grip on the m-i-c.  Like any good team out there, you wanna make sure it’s built for success, you feel me?  Any collaboration that’s got that one weak player in the mix gets easily spotted and usually sent packin’ real quick…and what’s left behind, tends to represent the strongest of the bunch.  Addictive Accidents are a well-oiled unit by the time they’re reaching my speakers now already – so hell YES I’m expecting quality…they know not to be wasting my valuable time & ear-space, and I appreciate that.  It doesn’t take long for “TOXIC” to get the explicitness comin’ through your speakers – but it also instantly starts delivering on the personality you wanna hear too.  From the skills of Timmy Turn Up and 4141. Spazz, to the wicked sound of the beat they’re workin’ with, to the hooks, rhythm, fluid flow & the cleverness of the production overall, “TOXIC” instantly gets this EP movin’ quickly in the right direction.

There he is – JStreet is back up in these speakers, where he belongs!  If you remember the man like I remember the man…you’ll know I gave the dude static about the beers he was drinkin’ on the last time out.  I’ve got full confidence the man’s onto a better brew at this point now…or at the least, I haven’t got evidence that proves he isn’t…stay tuned on that.  In any event, let the record show, I was only ever givin’ the man a hard time just to have some fun with him, and he took those comments like a complete champion.  I don’t forget JStreet!  He takes on “Full House” with The Architek, and it’s a solid win for these two without a doubt.  You’ve got JStreet hittin’ his bars with hard rhythm, droppin’ the weight into each syllable he spits – and you’ve got The Architek bringin’ it home after being handed the mic, laying out his verse with slick & stylistic moves that show real finesse in the verbal department.  As for the “Full House” reference in general…you’d actually be surprised at home much it actually comes up in music…it ain’t the first time I’ve heard that pop up in pop culture references, nor will it be the last.  R.I.P. Bob.  It’s tight stuff from start to finish though, and I appreciate that.  The beat’s unique, the rap is on-point…both emcees bring their own skills & personality to this cut…there’s really nothing to complain about, so I ain’t gonna.  Addictive Accidents stroll through their first four cuts revealing four of their affiliates, and instantly prove their crew has the chops to seriously compete in the Rap game.  I think what I love perhaps more than anything else about being two tracks in and this “Full House” being more about feeling like Saget than they are rapping about the illuminati & The New World Order & whatnot.  If there’s one thing I’ve heard in Rap music a million times more than references to the “Full House” crew, believe me, it’s the illuminati and how they control this or that…yadda yadda…*yawn *stretch – I’m sincerely glad that’s not what this record has been about because the next one to really make a move and go down that route might be the day I retire or glue the holes in my ears permanently shut forever.

I’d probably say the first real single-worthy cut on this record is probably “Peter Parker” in my opinion.  Timmy Turn Up has really taken charge of the majority of this lineup on The New World Order overall, and taking full ownership of the third track solo pays off for the man – this jam rocks without a doubt.  Dude commands the mic when it comes right down to it…it’s an aspect of what Timmy does that has always stood out and continues to even now…he’s large and in-charge when he steps into the booth, and the guy’s always got something to say.  “Peter Parker” is a short track…I’d have taken it at twice the length if I’m being real with ya…but better to have the people coming back asking for more rather than saying it’s too much, you follow me?  Other than that, I’ll be 100% honest with ya – it’s the verses of this track that make the biggest impact on me as a listener without a doubt.  I ain’t in love with the main hooks all that much, but I really do suspect it’s one of those vibes that continues to grow on you too.  Music be like that y’all, and you know it.  Sometimes we have to acknowledge that there are artists out there that are a level beyond our own comprehension.  So like…I don’t sweat it when I hear hooks like the ones I hear on “Peter Parker” and feel like they’re a bit of an awkward fit in comparison to how freely Timmy lets the verses rip…instead, I give the man credit for seeing/hearing something I can’t yet.  Chances are, over time and repetition, I’ll have these hooks stuck in my head relentlessly, and be singing them out loud around the house…chances are, many of you will too.  I think we’ve all heard that new record by an artist or band we love and felt like it didn’t measure up on that first spin, or challenged our ears in a way we didn’t think we could grasp…then like, within a couple days or a week it’s the only thing you wanna spin.  “Peter Parker” isn’t quite that extreme of an example like that, but it’s close.  All I can tell ya is my own experience, and every time I heard it, I felt like the hooks worked their way into my brainwaves a little more.  Which is a good thing overall, obviously.  Do I want more of the verses and the powerful fluidity you find there, or would I prefer more of that instead of the hooks?  Sure.  But that’s me and I ain’t everybody.  You keep doin’ what you do Timmy…as far as I can tell homie, it’s all workin.’

I dig the fact that they’ve put in such an undeniable effort that we can audibly hear throughout this set-list.  I have a few moments here & there where I feel like there’s still some room to grow in terms of the performances and the metering of the lyricism at points on The New World Order, but it’s real minimal.  Overall, this crew is dialing right in to what they wanna create, and chances are, anything we hear that might sound slightly out of place for a split-second or whatever, is probably more of a stylistic choice than it is any kind of error, you feel me?  When Addictive Accidents stand out, they tend to stand out for all the right reasons way more often than not y’all…like “Wrist Heavy” – this is another solid cut on this EP for sure.  They’ve put the details into the sound and the production has been seriously on-point as you listen…which I dig.  Would they benefit from making moves like they do at the end with the tempo shifting in the final seconds of “Wrist Heavy” occurring a bit earlier on?  Sure, probably.  A bit of diversity never hurts nobody in that regard…I really thought it was an effective switch that made an impact, and was actually kinda choked that a brief like, less than ten seconds is really all we get of that moment.  I like that they pulled that sample from DeNiro out of his performance in The Untouchables at the start too…that’s memorable for anyone that’s heard it.  Does it say something about Addictive Accidents ridin’ with the bad guy, as opposed to takin’ a line from Connery’s Jim Malone like “You wanna know how to get Capone?  They pull a knife, you pull a gun.  He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.”  Because that was the thing about that whole movie yo…the bad guys were bad as hell – but the good guys were even more badass for once.  Anyhow.  Maybe I should have mentioned I’m a cinephile too…I spent a decade workin’ the video store counter back when we still had those.  Don’t get it twisted though y’all – I like how the sample sets the tone, and I think that “Wrist Heavy” is another exceptional cut on a record that has shown very little weakness whatsoever.  When it comes to “Wrist Heavy,” we’re talkin’ about a track that’s nearly ALL hook by comparison to the rest – the verses are solid, no doubt about it, but it’s the main hooks of this particular cut that lead the way to victory.  Credit where credit is due though, Addictive Accidents are finding impressive pairings…when they double up, each emcee in the mix really brings out something different – to me, that matters.  Timmy’s got this track locked down straight from the beginning, and it was great to hear the gnarly sound of Turrel Prhyme give you that rhythmic beast-mode vibe to bring “Wrist Heavy” home, 100%.

Timmy Turn Up keeps it short and solo once again on “Good Time” and brings the party atmosphere up a notch or two as the record continues.  There’s a very real chance that this is gonna be THE cut that listeners are tuning in for to repeat over & over…at least at first.  Addictive Accidents put themselves in great position to be heard on any track you can find on The New World Order…but yeah…I’d be foolish not to point out how single-worthy the vibe and bounce of “Good Time” is.  No question whatsoever that it’ll go down smooth with the masses…this is flashy swagger & audible appeal from start to finish, and I have no doubt whatsoever that any set of ears would be able to hear that just as well as mine do.  This is all kinds of fun though…Timmy Turn Up knows how to make the most of a short cut, and proves that to the nth degree as he flexes a healthy dose of verbal energy, rhythm, and groove on “Good Time.”  Ninety seconds IS short though my brother…no joke.  Sometimes it ain’t such a bad thing to recognize where you’re crushin’ it and draw that out a little bit more…that’s just diggin’ in and doin’ the work my friend.  But yeah…if you told me there was a three-minute remix of “Good Time” comin’ out I’d readily tell ya that’s gonna be twice as nice y’all…don’t be shy when it comes to givin’ us more of a great thing.

JStreet is back in the house to tackle “Beanie” on a solo level.  I love it when the guy takes us aside for a second or two to get real with us before heading back to the mic for another stream of consistent syllables.  Much of this is straight fire…let’s be clear on that.  I think JStreet’s got plenty of talent, plenty of skill, and clearly a desire to outhustle the rest when it comes to what he’s capable of on the mic.  I’m gonna advise a little bit of caution here though…because take note of what I mentioned first here in reviewing this song – it’s actually those moments where he’s not peppering us with a verbal barrage that tends to make the most memorable impact on us AND shows us even more of his personality.  Think of it like this…you’ve got a distance from point-A to point-B on any given song…if you’re fully loading up every inch of space between those points with as many syllables as you can fit into’em, then the effect of what we hear on our end can sound very similar, if not outright seem the same.  That’s why when JStreet takes a breather for a second or two to talk to us directly on “Beanie,” we end up noticing those moments even more…because there’s more variation in that fraction of the song than the rest, make sense?  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a whole lot of skill to be able to rap out the bars he’s got written into “Beanie” and there’s no question about that…all I’m doin’ is advising the man, and he’s welcome to take it or leave it.  Diversity, versatility, and personality…those are the keys my friend.  A signature style/sound will take ya so far…but if you’re looking for that next level, that’s where you wanna head to in the phase of your career up ahead JStreet.  Also…it’s dangerous to put in a line that references things being cheesy and then only a few bars down the line reference something like the bees knees.  Y’ain’t SEVENTY-FIVE and collecting a pensioner’s check JStreet!  Keep it in your generation homie…next thing I know you’ll be out there rappin’ and tellin’ people things are cool beans too – don’t!  The man can string syllables together like it ain’t no thang though, and he deserves major credit for that – doin’ what JStreet does isn’t something just everyone can do…so for real, acknowledge the skill it takes.  Any asshole like me is always going to recommend this or criticize that…take what ya want to out of it my friend – if this is your dream and you’re gonna pursue it, as you say, learning every aspect of the craft that you can is always going to be the best route to longevity and keeping the game entirely fresh.

The man Timmy Turn Up finishes off the record strong with his flow on “Not Hiding Feelings” at the very end of this seven song set.  As the title would imply, Timmy Turn Up ain’t holding back on ya for this finale, and name-drops several people on his list that he felt the need to call-out or shout-out for one reason or another.  Nothing to gratuitous, but names you’ll recognize from Obama to Michael Jackson.  Again, I’m just thankful that the artwork & title of this record wasn’t a full-on indication of what the content was really going to be like at all…that’s a huge curveball, and one that I’m genuinely grateful for.  I’d rather hear about people’s mommas chasin’ dick like Timmy is rappin’ about on “Not Hiding Feelings” than another song about elite societies that are all secretly coming for your bank account or how some kind of medical science is just a plot to make your cousin’s friends balls swell to seven times their size.  So Addictive Accidents played that correctly as far as I’m concerned…unless I’m missing something that just ain’t there.  Maybe I’m ONE OF THEM…maybe I’m just another member of the shadow cabal in the illuminati saying DON’T LOOK OVER HERE, and trying to misdirect ya…maybe nothing I’ve said in this entire review is even real muhahahahaha.  You’ll NEVER KNOW…I mean…that is…unless you, like, listen I guess…which is kind of what you’re supposed to do after reading someone’s review on music, ain’t it?  Here’s what I can tell you is real – 100% FACTS y’all…listen up.  Addictive Accidents have put together a really tight set of seven cuts together on The New World Order that is guaranteed to keep you entertained, but more importantly, get you coming back for another spin.  Definitely a crew that I’m looking forward to hearing more from…the more they keep at it, the stronger they’re gonna get – this record’s already practically bulletproof as it is already…anything I’ve pointed out is mere something to consider…when it comes right down to it, they’ve got all the skills and personnel in their crew that they need to secure victory in the Rap/Hip-Hop game.  They’ve proved that on The New World Order, and I have no doubt they’ll continue to prove that time & time again with every new record that they make.

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