Adam Exler – “Language Of Love” Feat. J Holla

 Adam Exler – “Language Of Love” Feat. J Holla

Adam Exler – “Language Of Love” Feat. J Holla – Music Video Release/Review

HOT stuff from Adam Exler!

For real…it’s no joke; whether it’s the concept, the video or the audio, dude’s got a new single called “Language Of Love” that is already scorching its way up the charts, and for plenty of great reasons.

I’ll just say right off the bat here, he might appear to be out of gas at the beginning of the video, but that’s certainly far from the case when it comes to his real life success in the music business.  Look at the stats on this mother will ya?  He’s already closing-in on 100K hits on “Language of Love” and it hasn’t even been out for ten days yet!  Dude’s got himself one seriously dedicated fan-base, no doubt about that – but it’s also apparent that his songs are reaching right around the entire globe at this point too.

I can definitely get behind why that would be.  I mean, we’re talking essentially flawless material when it comes to how much effort Adam puts into attention to detail, and his dedication to the art virtually ensures that every time he gets into the studio or onto your screens, he’s got something fully worthwhile for the people out there.  “Language Of Love” to me, was like a combination of what I love in bands like The Verve Pipe and Blue October for the focused intensity & genuine sincerity inside of a Rock song with Pop-inclinations – and when it comes to this particular single, you can probably sprinkle-in a bit of…hmm…something like Santana in the mix for the extra seasoning & flavor you’ll find in Exler’s sound.  In any event, that’s all more than solid ground to stand on and great peers to be keeping company with – Adam shows just as much versatility inside this one song that will appeal to the masses, every bit as much as he reveals his innate ability to please his existing fans.  I had plenty of great things to say about his record called You from 2017 – I dug him back then, I still dig him now – and what I love is that if you read-over that past review, you’ll find a whole list of different comparisons to Exler’s sound & style.  He’s got the ability to change his direction and create the music he truly wants to make without having to compromise – but the really remarkable part of that equation is that he continually also makes it so that it’s never out of reach of those that have been with him from day one.  The changes he makes are subtle ones that show he’s always refining himself as an artist and challenging himself to pursue that next level…each step forward he takes with his career is one on a path that we can all join him on, 100%.

Major props to the directors of the video – Q Burdette and Mimi Makela definitely deserve their share of the credit here, because everything you’ll see is absolutely as spectacularly clear as what you’ll hear.  The concept is executed to perfection from beginning to end, full-stop.  “Language Of Love” goes for a visually hallucinatory trip when it comes to the video, with Adam having broke-down in the middle of nowheresville in the hot hot heat of the desert, eventually seeing things that may/may-not be there.  That part, you’ll have to answer for yourself…I’m just the gateway-guy…I’m here to give you a couple clues & hints as to what you might find, but I’m not here to give the entire story away on a video you should be checking out for yourself!  So DO that…have a look-at & listen-to the “Language Of Love” below!

I’m sure you’ve now seen what I’ve been talking about and why nearly 100K people out there have been checking out this video along with ya.  Not too many videos out there that you can tell, right from the way that the freakin’ credits pop-up onscreen, are ultimately at the level of a full-on Hollywood production – but that’s definitely the case when it comes to Adam Exler’s “Language Of Love.”  You can tell this is as pro as pro gets, right from the very first scenes, and this single won’t let you down from there whatsoever; in fact, this storyline builds with exceptional creativity and continually pulls you in.

Excellent assist from J Holla on the bars, adding even more versatility to Exler’s sound on this new single & putting in a highly stylized verse to support the hybrid nature of “Language Of Love.”  Adam is as excellent as ever, singing & playing this one with the passion you know you can always rely on from him as an artist…his songwriting here is as tight as it gets as well – it’s an authentic case of ‘everything fits.’  Certainly no complaints from me & I can’t imagine any coming from you either – Adam’s an insightfully dedicated artist that’s clearly onto a style of Rock that’s seriously accessible & designed for all to enjoy.

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