Abdus Da Man – “We GoT The Alpha”

 Abdus Da Man – “We GoT The Alpha”

Time to get your brainwaves flowin’ yo!

If you just tuned into the SBS Podcast this morning, you heard the latest cut by Abdus Da Man called “We GoT the Alpha” bumped loud’n’proud on the show – and as promised in our introduction to this artist before spinning his single, we’re here to honor our word & post up the real-life animated vid supporting it right here for you to check out for yourselves.  Hookin’ himself right up to the electro-machines to record & map out his brainwaves in real-time, when Abdus Da Man, aka Absalaam, is tellin’ ya this is a Data Rap song, you better believe it!  High tech from the speakers to the screens, he’ll tell ya a tale of the story of his journey all the way from the bottom to the top & back again, all the while harvesting that sweet-sweet data to make those paper stacks.  Just like we said on the show yo, it’s just another day in the life OF right?  Abdus Da Man carves himself out a solid spot of his own with this seriously smart story that more than manages to make Data and factual info wildly entertaining – and combined with the ‘Waking Life‘ style of animation in the video supporting his latest cut, it makes all the sense in the world that “We GoT the Alpha” is already racking up thousands-upon-thousands of hits daily since its release and already closing in on 20K not even two-weeks post-release!  Step into the high-tech world of Abdus Da Man and see what moves his mind right there on screen while you listen to his latest – give “We GoT the Alpha” a spin below!

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