Ab-Salam – “D.R.E.A.M.”

 Ab-Salam – “D.R.E.A.M.”

Ab-Salam – “D.R.E.A.M.” – Single Review

Structure that data, pull it in every nizzzzzight.

Well let’s just be real here…Ab-Salam’s love of data is far from normal…but like I always say around these pages of ours, we all gotta write about something, right?  I look at it this way…and you can consider this to be one of those good-good insider-tips if you wanna – anytime there’s an artist out there that decides to go their own way, and it’s THAT much different than the rest – they’re onto something.  Is there a market for Data Rap?  Sure!  Why not?  If the beat is tight, the people will latch onto something regardless of whether or not they’re busy reading about their investment portfolios.

I also look at it like…I mean…I’ve just heard so many songs about chicks & cars, you feel me?  Hearing something altogether different like what Ab-Salam and the crew at the Business of Business are doing is refreshing & exciting to me – and I have almost NO IDEA about anything to do with stocks, bonds, or even dollars and cents for that matter.  Use me as your control subject folks – if I can get into a track about data, there should be no stopping y’all from doing the same.  “D.R.E.A.M.” has an equally dreamy vibe to it, along with a stellar low-end synth that glides along with the beat & sample that keeps the music solidly chilled-out & highly entertaining at the same time – and as far as the bars go, Ab-Salam’s got no problem lockin’ down tight on the style of flow he’s looking to create.  Considering the degree of complexity that the word-selection itself comes with, being references from the world of BIG DATA and all, you gotta hand it to the man for getting out what’s clearly a mouthful, with the precision as he does.

But you SEE folks – that’s just the thing – Ab-Salam’s GOTTA be accurate, right?  That’s what good data is all about, and you know he ain’t gonna let his standards drop when he sets his mind to makin’ music.  The man’s built on quality – his music is a reflection of that.  Well that, and data.  Lots & lots of data.

You could say that Ab-Salam is genuinely an expert at minin’ his own business, you dig?

That’s a data joke.  You’re welcome – I’ll show myself out.

I like what I hear, and I dig what I see.  You want a song with a title like “D.R.E.A.M.” to have that hazy vibe in the atmosphere…and this cut certainly delivers on that end, while remaining impeccably focused on the lyricism and connecting the lines between the matrix & the music world.  It’s intellectual stuff, no doubt about it – when it comes to the words in a Data Rap tune you’d need a certified degree in digital engineering or something bizarre to fully follow along I’m sure…and there’s no doubt there’s always an inherent risk that comes along with any style of truly niche subject matter.  But you see – that’s just the thing here folks – it’s a niche pocket of music, but digital data & all that comes with it from Tesla to Thinknum (yup – we see you brand-droppin’ Ab!) is a massively growing part of our world finances and all-out daily lives.  So don’t go tellin’ me there’s no audience for this, because there is – and it’s the same one that’s been takin’ over from the underground with the people hustling & amassing real capital y’all.  It’s a well put together cut that does exactly what it’s designed to do…Ab-Salam’s crunched the numbers, he knows how to keep you entertained, and he executes with cool confidence both onscreen & on the mic.  I do not know whether or not he just pinpointed Leonardo DiCaprio’s exact location in the video during a business meeting for a fact…I just know it to be true, as they say.  I mean, if Ab-Salam didn’t have that information on-hand, I’m sure he COULD get it – the man mines data, that’s what he DOES.  And apparently, when he’s not doin’ that these days, he’s rappin’ about it.  Sounds good to me.

Find out more about the Business Of Business here:  https://www.businessofbusiness.com

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