Month: <span>May 2013</span>

Pinch-Me Moment For Jer @ SBS

Each and every day that we live and breathe we can find another opportunity for ourselves to help and assist someone else. It was long ago that any of our SBS Alumni lived a life that is simply about themselves – now we look for these incredible moments where we can help you in your […]Read More

Real Deal On Acres Of Lions + More

This has been an exciting week to say the least! Having Acres Of Lions on the show has been something I’ve been waiting to put up ever since the day it was shot – so to get it out there to you all has been somewhat of a relief… I say relief because I was […]Read More

Charles Corby

Now here’s something! I want you all to meet Charles Corby from Australia – an up-and-coming singer songwriter from Australia with both something to say and something to eventually show us all once that new album is officially out…. In writing this I thought the challenge of the interview would be provided from just not […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 043

Find pictures from the Acres Of Lions session at sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0033: Album #0069: Album #0088: More

Nicolas & The Iceni

It’s on days like this and at times like these where I can take a moment and really appreciate why we do what we do at sleepingbagstudios. It wasn’t always every day that I was contacted by bands and artists from across the globe to talk about music, and when it happens I can’t help […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 041

Find pictures of West My Friend from sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0032: Album #0065: Album #0139: Album #0169: More