Pinch-Me Moment For Jer @ SBS

 Pinch-Me Moment For Jer @ SBS

Each and every day that we live and breathe we can find another opportunity for ourselves to help and assist someone else. It was long ago that any of our SBS Alumni lived a life that is simply about themselves – now we look for these incredible moments where we can help you in your own quests to get your music heard.

When we first started this up we tried to think of a few unique ways to reach a few more people that were outside of our area – how far across the world can we reach from our converted garage studio anyway? We ended up on the typical social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – but one site that always continually amazes me is the one we have located on Fiverr.

As some of you know – I handed off any and all of the financial aspects of SBS to Rob, my studio partner & audio engineer extraordinairre. I had begun to unravel somewhat; in looking for the truth behind the music I found out that I almost couldn’t handle or process the information I was finding… So I let it go and handed it off to Rob.

When I get REALLY worked up – it can actually bring me to physical tears the idea that any of your music could be related to a $ in any form. Very, very hard for me to separate. At the best of times Rob @ SBS will remind me that we’re a service, that we’re not putting a price tag on your art…and it works. At the worst of times it has fallen on deaf ears that are attached to a head and a brain on a quest to keep the music meaningful and as relevant as possible to all of our lives.

So why Fiverr then? Well – I can tell you now after seeing some massive interest and success from this site that the answer is simple. It has connected us to you all in a completely new and unique way that we never could have dreamed up on our own or experienced here locally. Through this very site we have managed to reach Australia, Ireland, Bulgaria, England, Sweden and the USA. We’ve done written interviews, video interviews and now music and album reviews like we have just done with WOLF COLONY on the main page!

If you saw the last episode of SBS Live This Week! then you’ll also know that we have brought many of these bands and artists to life on our screen in our corner of the internet. I like to think I offer a different view and perspective but still manage to think and feel like any other fan does. I have an opportunity, like I said, each day to help someone else through this project – something I’ll never take for granted and am continually grateful for.

This last episode with THE DANBURY LIE and musical madman Rob Loncto was nearly all inspired and created from different contact points established through Fiverr – the interview itself, the comedy from TOM WILLIAMS, the music review from WOLF COLONY – everything except my hairy chin and the music from NIXIE. When you look at that combination of indie talent – the creativity of The Danbury Lie, the explosiveness of the on-stage performance from Tom Williams or the impeccable songwriting of Wolf Colony…well, I know I can’t help but smile. All of these people are insanely talented – and by giving you my history on the finances of SBS, I’m also telling you once again that we’re not in this for the money. Many times our completed Fiverr gigs and clients have told us that we could charge much more for what we do and that the experience goes far beyond the $5. I like to think so too. When I think about it – I think that for that same $5 what I get is: The knowledge that the artist on the other side of the screen is thinking outside of the box to get their music heard. That’s already satisfying. Then I get to learn about the content and creators themselves. Again – on both sides of this two way street it becomes about so much more than simply dollar bills y’all.

Here’s an example, nearly in real time…

On days out of the studio Rob and I will also build and create things. Sometimes they’re instruments and sometimes it’s actual physical landscaping. I was working in one of the most incredible yards and gardens I have ever seen yesterday with all of my gear with me ready to go and see THE PIT play downtown at Lana Lou’s right after. I’ve said many times that this body was born to rock – and it is – just not meant to do a heck of a lot else apparently…

I more or less wrenched my back into a question mark (I must’ve had the new album “?” by The Danbury Lie on my brain…) over the course of the day and by the end was walking like a terrible B-Movie star trying to look important – stiff and straight as a board. As much as I like to get out to live shows – especially ones with our homies from The Pit – going out would have been a painful and bad call. I benched myself. Rob @ SBS and Brad Wengranowski from AETERNA went down to check it out.

Being at SBS for the night certainly doesn’t mean that opportunity was gone – that moment to provide that musical assist might still be out there…

After I logged onto and checked all of our sites and scraped my jaw off the floor I posted on Facebook. Some of you might remember this posting showing up…

“Oh man……this is one of those incredibly awesome days to be here at SBS. Words cannot express – I am unbelievably shocked and humbled at who has just contacted us to do an interview….

Words CAN express – and they will. But not here, not now…
I’ve got to blog my thoughts on this one. Promise to post soon. Not much else gonna be on my mind except this for the next while!

Wow. Just WOW.
Love it here.”

99% of the people we’ve met we honestly don’t know, have never met before – that’s WHERE we live and thrive, bringing representation to those that have never experienced that in a professional (Yeah, right…well…I try my best!) capacity. But what happens to Jer @ SBS when he’s contacted by a musician he truly loves and respects? In the words of the internet buzz – MIND BLOWN.

While I sat here missing out on the latest show from The Pit – my pain instantly subsided when I saw that TOURIE formely of a duo of electric violinists called NUTTIN BUT STRINGZ from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT had contacted us.

Pinch my WHOLE FACE please.

I asked Becky @ SBS to come and sit with me and do some extremely intense research to verify that this was in fact Tourie – now on his own in an act he calls ALONG CAME LIFE. We must have sat here for a couple of hours looking at sites and footage – she was right there with me watching AGT when Nuttin But Stringz made their run to the FINALS way back when Jerry Springer was still the host, before Nick Cannon became the man. I’m not sure if I was happier myself, or if Becky was happier for me – we couldn’t find a single hole in this fantastic correspondence from Tourie – it was really him.

You all know I’ve mentioned these particular talent shows many times. I’m addicted to that MOMENT – which I’ve talked about as well – but just in case you haven’t heard the rant….

That MOMENT is the one just before they perform. That MOMENT where you can SEE in their eyes and hear through their words whether or not this is their time – whether or not they will OWN that moment. I remember seeing that in Nuttin But Stringz performances I had seen and as Becky @ SBS had reminded me – I had picked them as the winner that season.

For plenty of good reason. Unbelievable talent, humble but confident characters and instrumentation/musicianship beyond comprehension. To be able to talk to someone like this – someone I’ve followed myself…that’s where the words start to go on me…this really is one of those genuine “How AWESOME is this SBS thang” moments in time.

From what I’ve read and seen, Tourie has led and continues to lead a very interesting and musical life. There’s always a story behind the split of an act and I’m sure we’ll be able to discuss that somewhat but what I’m really excited about is the opportunity to talk to him NOW. I want to know all about his new act Along Came Life and where that’s going in the future. SBS actually has an electric violin on hand in the studio – one purchased long ago and certainly inspired by acts just like the one Tourie was in. I can say with certainty that I had not seen anyone DO what they had done on AGT until they did it. Since that moment I have listened to anything and everything with an electric violin incorporated into it that I can.

It’s an unbelievable instrument that captures the soul and passion of the player. Sorry bassman! Yes of course – all instruments can have that connection – but for me this is where it’s at. Between the innovative performances, update on the musical style, emotion and passion in the music – a great violin player can stand out incredibly. I think back to our recent trip to Vancouver Island for the awards show and watching KYTAMI take home the “Best Live Act” award for her own signature violin style. I had only seen her perform just that very night for the first time and it had left me with zero doubt that she deserved the award – it was entertainment at its finest. Becky @ SBS had a chance to talk with her briefly while I was packing up our gear…a chance to let her know that we’d be pursuing her endlessly for an interview…

Heads up Kytami! We wanna talk about the music with you! 🙂

You’ll see just how much we love the electric violin and what these incredible performers can DO with it. This ain’t no middle of the mall shit! You’ll see Kytami later this year in our VIMA 2013 wrap up story at the very least and we’re excited to put together a great interview with Tourie from Along Came Life and see what he’s up to. He’s managed to put himself and his music out there in every way imaginable! Can’t wait!

Really! Can’t wait! Gonna go start writing this up right now…

Talk to you soon. Make music that matters – so good that it inspires YOU to make more of it.


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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