Month: <span>February 2013</span>

Filling The Space

Good things never seem to slow down. These past few weeks between postings here have seen a bunch of new opportunities – as usual the progress here is always going forward and in a positive direction! But for story purposes…we’ll go backwards through the details! This weekend has been all about good times with good […]Read More


If I close my eyes I can go back to a place where a younger version of my journalistic self exists and is still frustrated with e-mail format interviews. I can specifically remember the first time I had gotten a hold of a band that really means a lot to me today still, an Australian band […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 024

Find pictures of Aeterna at sleepingbagstudios from the links below! Album #0012: Album #0052: Album #0066: Album #0070: Album #0085: Album #0156: More