1sPlace Poet – “So High 22222” Feat. EyeAmEye

 1sPlace Poet – “So High 22222” Feat. EyeAmEye

1sPlace Poet – “So High 22222” Feat. EyeAmEye – Single Review

Puff the clouds, now they underneath my feet…”  #ItsAlways420SomewhereYall

So…let’s be real here…authenticity is an important thing – and you’ll find there’s a whole lot of that at work on this new single from 1sPlacePoet.  Like…to the point where you couldn’t possibly miss it, you feel me?  1sPlacePoet clearly likes to SMOKE SOME y’all…in fact I’m fairly convinced that at least half the clouds you see up in the sky right now at this very moment likely came from this man burnin’ greens at such a rapid & relentless pace.  “So High 22222” doesn’t front, doesn’t pretend to be about anything else other than exactly what you’d expect it to be about – this single is about getting higher than high from the moment it starts, right up until this song is successfully roached at the end with a cough due to “good ganja – not Corona.”  You know, just in case you somehow didn’t pick up on that.  You’d have to be real damn busy competing in the Olympics of being fully faded-out to miss that, but you never know.

Anyhow.  For the dedicated smoking crowd out there, clearly there’s every reason to dig on the hazy vibes of this single.  Thematically & style-wise, everything’s completely on-point here…like I said, this is all about as authentic as it could possibly get, which is key to making an impression on the smoking section, you follow me?  If there’s one crowd of listeners that could readily sniff out someone trying to fake it, it’s the 420 posse y’all…you wouldn’t want to write a track like “So High 22222” without being completely able to back it up with the REALNESS…and that’s obviously where 1sPlacePoet excels here.  From what it sounds like – and what it looks like in the video, you’d figure this guy has smoked so much green in his life that he should be the same color as the Incredible Hulk by now.  He owns it, and that’s plenty cool with me – I’m back livin’ just outside of Vansterdam here in Canada…believe me when I tell ya, I know firsthand there’s a massive audience out there always waiting for a brand-new smokin’ tune.

Where authenticity can serve you extremely well to a loyal audience on any specific subject or theme, it can also potentially be a hindrance in situations where a topic might not necessarily be fully universal – make sense?  I don’t think 1sPlacePoet and EyeAmEye are really all that worried about that kind of stuff, but yeah…for those out there that ain’t smoking, there’s a good chance that “So High 22222” is gonna be straight-up lost on them, and the reasons as to why it’s as hazy & loose as it is will be too.  I mean, I ain’t gonna lie to ya – I get it, but even I can recognize that it’s not exactly the tightest single that you’re gonna hear this year.  “So High 22222” has a very specific audience in mind, one that both 1sPlacePoet and EyeAmEye are certainly a part of themselves, and it is what it is…it’s not gonna be that track that hits with every single person out there in that regard, and that’s okay – most music, in fact, doesn’t.

Where it felt like “So High 22222” ended up with a solid advantage was in the video shot by Rodney Solomon that comes with this single online…this crew got me laughing with the visuals, and you can tell that they’re having every bit as much fun in making it as you’d hope they would be in their state of mind.  It’s extremely well shot & put together, and the kind of top-shelf visual support you wanna find with a single – thematically, it’s 100% on-point and the perfect accompaniment to what you’re hearing.  Chances are, you’ll get a contact high just from checking this out – consider yourselves warned y’all!  Personality and authenticity are the main attributes at work here – the hooks work, and the rap is strong too – the video is the icing on the cake and likely what will push this experience into having a genuine shot at being memorable, no matter how much you’ve been smokin.’  Best to burn some greens yo’self and sing along with’em…1sPlacePoet & EyeAmEye are servin’ up a tasty soundtrack to your next session.

Listen to music by 1sPlacePoet at Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/33ZlKyRSJrj5qcQhTqY1sT

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