War Lullaby – We Fall

War Lullaby – We Fall – Album Review Thirteen tracks…not even a total of fourteen minutes in length…to be honest, there’s a very good chance it’ll take you longer to read this review than it would take you to listen to War Lullaby’s We Fall. Ahhh Grindcore.  You gotta love it, right?  Or…I mean…just don’t […]Read More

Third Development – “Auras”

Third Development – “Auras” – Single Review From the “Etherea” genre you say?  Whatever happened to Trip-Hop, and why on Earth wasn’t that name cool enough already Third Development?  Questions for another time I suppose… Anyhow.  If you remember this name from our pages, that makes sense – we featured a review on their single […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 167

Check out the latest set of live tunes released from our mighty vault of musical archives here at sleepingbagstudios & have a listen to Rusty from their set at the 27 Club in Ottawa from back in 2019 – and stick around for a flash-forward into the future with a bonus live cut from Three […]Read More

J-Luv Da Prince – Come 2 Terms

J-Luv Da Prince – Come 2 Terms – EP Review Fun fact…the last time I reviewed J-Luv Da Prince’s music here on our pages was way back in 2015 – for an EP that doesn’t even appear on the dude’s page at Spotify.  It’s not at Apple Music either…but if you do a little digging […]Read More


BROCK – “FLOW” – Music Video Post Ayyyyyy – 2022 might be winding down at this point as we head into the final month of the year, but that doesn’t mean our main man BROCK is letting his foot off the gas pedal.  Back with another slice of digitalized audible awesomeness for your face-holes to […]Read More

Fred Vanterra – Mythanien

Fred Vanterra – Mythanien – Album Review Chances are you remember this name…it was only earlier this month that I reviewed Fred Vanterra’s latest album called Waikiki Synth – and now, being a genuine fan of the man’s music, I’m heading back to the beginning where it all started, with his debut album called Mythanien […]Read More

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Ada” / “The

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Ada” / “The Boys From Silicon Valley” – Singles Review While I’m fairly certain any listener out there would have many different opinions on what they hear in the music being made by Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice, I feel like we’d all have to at the […]Read More

Introspect – ROI

Introspect – ROI – Album Review Dig this guy’s perspective and skills without a doubt!  From the moment I pushed play and the “Intro” started jammin’ – I felt like ROI was going to reveal this Canadian artist in all-star form, backed up with the production of his homie Flipmode…it’s the return of Introspect, and […]Read More

Ibericanism – “Who’s That Girl”

Ibericanism – “Who’s That Girl” – Music Video Post Some of that good ol’ reliable House Techno for ya this morning!  Ibericanism has just released a brand-new single called “Who’s That Girl” earlier this month, complete with full-color video support, and both listeners & viewers are definitely going to dig what they find with this […]Read More

Blood Rose – “Darkness Falls”

Blood Rose – “Darkness Falls” – Single Review So…hmm…on the brightest of sides, I do think there’s an idea at the core of this cut. I’m somewhat known as the guy that’ll keep it real with the scene and tell folks how I genuinely feel about whatever I’m listening to.  Sure, there’s a sense of […]Read More