Robert Frier – “Magic”

 Robert Frier – “Magic”

This right here?  This is how you get it DONE y’all!

In less than a minute’s worth of time, Robert Frier makes the most of every second.  What we’ve got for ya here is just a sample of the “Magic” you’ll find in this artist – the full-length cut is nearly five-minutes long, which essentially means 5x the awesomeness you’ll find here in this slice he’s given ya – BUT…what’s absolutely beyond impressive is just how many access points he’s got goin’ on in this single he’s got here.  In fact, it does EVERYTHING a great single is supposed to do – everything a great promo is supposed to do as well!  You get hit with the stellar sound in the music right away…you get the empowering & socially-relevant dimension that the visuals in the video & lyrics of the song provide…and then you get to the end to find out this was a mere fifty-five seconds long and say waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute here – what’s up with that?  You get curious, like I did…then you find the full single for “Magic” out there in all its own audio-glory…and the multitude of other cuts he’s put out, or the fantastic songs you’ll discover on his Take 1 EP…Robert is clearly a man of music with a collaborative spirit and a strong grip on creating music with genuine style – loving what I’m hearing from this guy.  Follow him down the rabbit-hole like I did – check out the sample for “Magic” below and get yourself an audible dose of soulful sound & take-in a video/single that serves a higher purpose by aiming to inspire, motivate, and honor the legendary figures that have paved the way for so many future superstars to thrive as hard as they are today – Robert Frier included of course!

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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."