Darcy Jeavons – “Unspoken”

 Darcy Jeavons – “Unspoken”

Darcy Jeavons – “Unspoken” – Single Review

The first thing that’ll reach your ears upon pressing play on Darcy Jeavons’ new-single “Unspoken” is the incredible clarity and production in the music and atmosphere, as what could pretty much be described as the world’s most angelic guitar tones begin to ring out softly.

Now…keep in mind…it’s pretty rare to find a singer starting on beat-one of a song…otherwise it’d be Darcy’s vocals that would impress you…or perhaps the song-writing and the mountain-sized build that this song contains within its structure…there are a great many things you could potentially fall easily in love with about Jeavons’ new song.  There’s the confidence in her voice…the beautiful tones and notes she hits that resemble many singer/songwriters that have paved the way like Chrissy Hynde or Aimee Mann or even Nancy/Ann Wilson…there’s a slight-edge to her voice that kinda hints at maybe she could rock just as hard as she sweetens-up this slow-jam in “Unspoken.”

Or maybe you’ll grab onto the gorgeous piano-notes complimenting the melody-line…it’s not lost on me that it’s not exactly the happiest of songs…but it’s certainly every bit as beautiful and uplifting as it may be sad.  By the final-third of “Unspoken” I’m sure you’ll agree; harmonies combine fantastically in support of Darcy’s main melody and flawless delivery.  Perhaps it’s the added confidence of a Nashville-stamped song echoing from the speakers, but I’d be more inclined to bet the powerful nature of “Unspoken” comes straight from the feature star herself.

The chorus has its own sparkling production-elements to it…it all sounds further away in a sense, but also by the very nature of the way it opens-up the atmosphere and expands it also sounds very all-encompassing as you listen.  The drums becomes wonderfully-present, large, looming and booming into the chorus…”Unspoken” becomes a real lighter-out moment and a massive-anthem.

I like it because I feel like Darcy’s caught me by surprise here with a solid & genuine performance on what I assumed might end up sounding like so much Nashville-plastic; she didn’t let me down for a single second in “Unspoken.”  It might be what’s found outside of my typical taste…but she’s sold me with the dramatic, entertaining and passionate performance she’s put in here.  She has the perfect range of sweet & innocent-meets-bold & confident that’s able to complement and harmonize her ideas, vocals and sound with real authenticity.

I hear no concerns and everything she goes after in “Unspoken” seems to spring to bright, vibrant-life in Technicolor; everything sits right where it should be in the mix and Darcy sounds like she’s ready to take hold of her moment in music.  Determined through the tone and through the lyrics…Darcy Jeavons is all-kinds of powerful on “Unspoken” – she’s done a beautiful job and written a timeless-style melody on this new-single.

Find out more about Darcy Jeavons at her official homepage here:  http://www.darcyjeavons.com/

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