• Because Of Me

    Interview with Because Of Me SBS:  Because Of Me!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time!  I always enjoy talking to people in bands or projects that are just getting going and starting to really define their sound, or start their first recording sessions…just like you guys are doing right now ...
  • Tossing Pennies – “Mainline Hero”

    You wouldn’t know it but I didn’t actually learn Eric’s name until I received this interview back from the Tossing Pennies camp…how unreal is that right? Whether it was an intentional thing or not…I ended up going with it…I dug the approach of anonymity and letting the facts about the music simply speak for themselves. ...
  • Gerald Milton

    Gerald Milton Interview SBS: Gerald Milton – thanks so much for taking some time to talk music with us brother! I’ll help bring us all up to the current with what I know…you’re a sound-engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria… What got you to the point that you’re at in your music/career – ...
  • Bruce Cohen

    What a gentleman! What a truly, truly pleasant personality to talk music with! Hey everybody – meet Bruce! Hey Bruce – meet everyone else! Stoked to be able to share this with you…seriously, this guy was extremely generous with his time and answers and has a TON of amazing insight/awesomeness to contribute to your brainwaves. ...
  • T-REXZ

    Interview with T-REXZ SBS: Dude! Homie! Brother! Thanks so much for taking some time with us TREXZ!  Stoked to be able to talk music with you today…or…well…at least I’m assuming we’re going to talk some aren’t we? I noticed in your bio on some of the pages reads ‘don’t talk about it be about it’ ...
  • Billy Grima

    Interview with Billy Grima SBS: Billy! Thanks so much for joining us and talking some music with us today! I’m gonna switch things up a little here in this interview today and start with a combination of how I usually start, but also how I tend to end it all off as well…so we’re combining ...
  • William Elvin

    Interview with William Elvin SBS: William – thanks so much for joining us and taking some time to talk to us all! We are about half a world away from each other location-wise with you being based in Hong Kong and us here in Canada; and as I was sitting here typing this out at ...
  • James Moore

    When I first looked into James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions and author of the book Your Band Is A Virus…I had no real purpose other than to see what options were out there for independent musicians and poke around for information; it was sheer curiosity and a quest for knowledge that took me ...
  • Ken Fox

    SO COOL to talk with Ken Fox – what a genuinely rad guy! As I’ve mentioned…November has been an inspiring month already in meeting some truly focused artists & bands, and Ken Fox is one of them for certain.  I really enjoyed this interview personally…it was awesome to talk about the new Echoes EP with ...
  • Colin Arthur Wiebe

    Lately we’ve had the extreme good-fortune of being able to talk to some extraordinary artists & bands all at very exciting times in their lives & careers.  From Modern Day Poets stopping by the studio for a recent taping of SBS Live This Week, to recent interviews done with Ken Fox and here with Colin ...