• Dan McLean Jr. – “Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other”

    Sometimes I find myself wishing I could show you all the correspondence that takes place in behind the scenes of talking with musicians & people we meet here through SBS…and if I could, I’d most certainly show you some incredible conversations I’ve had along the way! A supreme gentleman and extremely thoughtful personality – it ...
  • Jerry The Prodigy

    Interview With Jerry The Prodigy SBS:  Jerry The Prodigy!  Dude!  Thanks so much for being here on our pages and taking some time out to do an interview with us!  I gotta say though…I’ve been doing interviews for nearly half my life brother…the amount of information I got in the initial communication setting up this ...
  • Puppet Kings

    I had an absolute blast talking with Puppet Kings!  This is a crew with a great head on their collective shoulders and they’ve given some supreme answers here in our latest interview at the homepage – fully recommend you take a moment or two away from your phone and just have a read-through what Tom, ...
  • Absoloot

    A true pleasure talking to this cat!  Absoloot is a solo-artist bent on educating through his dynamic rhymes, making them relative for the people just as much through the lyrics as the music makes you want to move.  We caught up with him recently, still promoting the hell out of the last album he put ...
  • Ray William Roldan

    Ray William Roldan Interview SBS: Ray! Buddy! Pal! Thanks so much for being here and taking some time to talk to us! I’ve got lots of questions…but we’re gonna have to get pretty serious right off the drop here my friend…first beginning with, where the heck did your website go? Brother-man! For real! We’re supposed ...
  • Joe Melillo

    Joe Melillo Interview SBS: Thanks so much for taking some time to talk with us Joe! You’ve got one incredibly informative website my friend…believe me – I could have done an interview easily double this size with the amount of information I was able to find out about you! That’s not only awesome for me ...
  • Because Of Me

    Interview with Because Of Me SBS:  Because Of Me!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time!  I always enjoy talking to people in bands or projects that are just getting going and starting to really define their sound, or start their first recording sessions…just like you guys are doing right now ...
  • Tossing Pennies – “Mainline Hero”

    You wouldn’t know it but I didn’t actually learn Eric’s name until I received this interview back from the Tossing Pennies camp…how unreal is that right? Whether it was an intentional thing or not…I ended up going with it…I dug the approach of anonymity and letting the facts about the music simply speak for themselves. ...
  • Gerald Milton

    Gerald Milton Interview SBS: Gerald Milton – thanks so much for taking some time to talk music with us brother! I’ll help bring us all up to the current with what I know…you’re a sound-engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria… What got you to the point that you’re at in your music/career – ...
  • Bruce Cohen

    What a gentleman! What a truly, truly pleasant personality to talk music with! Hey everybody – meet Bruce! Hey Bruce – meet everyone else! Stoked to be able to share this with you…seriously, this guy was extremely generous with his time and answers and has a TON of amazing insight/awesomeness to contribute to your brainwaves. ...