BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams”

 BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams”

BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams” – Single Review

Dude…this is freakin’ fantastic!  It is my sincere hope that people out there would get a track like this one…I’ll fully admit that the degree to which hip-hop artist BLOW_FLYY is putting himself out there artistically on his latest single “My Dreams” is much more out on a limb, but I fully believe in & stand by the fact that when it comes to art & music, where there is risk, there is reward.  I’m familiar enough with BLOW_FLYY’s music to know he’s a creative innovator when it comes to writing his rhymes…I know the guy’s got freestyle chops for miles…I know he’s always been able to entertain with the material he’s put out.  But this…THIS…was supremely cool and truly unexpected.

From the audio-video that’s put up on YouTube, looks like “My Dreams” comes from his latest album called Born To Dream…and check out that sweet, sweet vinyl being laid onto the deck; I tell ya…I’ve seen simple & effective before, but this presentation really hit the spot and seemed so fitting for how we should all be listening to this tune.  As the record starts to spin, BLOW_FLYY begins in a tripped-out spoken word style narrative…like a hazy dream becoming more vivid and clear in our minds as he lays out the foundation for the storyline that runs through “My Dreams.”  You could look at it as the story of a man that’s always been determined & found a way to head towards his dreams & goals from the moment he could put one foot in front of the other.  You could also look at it as the story of a man that’s going to get to those goals he’s made for himself…that by the very end of “My Dreams” you realize he’s already staring his dreams like they’re now his reality and combining the two worlds as one.

Essentially, all of us artists out there have the choice on hitting those commercialized hooks up quickly, grabbing that fast money and disappearing…or pursuing real art, which might take more time overall – but there’s a great chance the music will last for years and years.  BLOW_FLYY’s certainly got enough hooks in this cut to keep you interested, no doubt about that, but notice the emphasis on his movements on the mic, the pace, professionalism and precision-flow…it’s stylistic, it’s creative, it’s unique to the ears – especially in the spoken-word parts of his vocals.  As he picks up the tempo as he heads into the verse, he sounds like a calm & focused Busta Rhymes rapping on a Blackalicious style of beat with that same excellent level of imagination & thought put into the lyrics.  There’s also no doubt about the fact that the structure & uniqueness moves this cut beyond music and into that artistic realm; think of something like you’d expect out of the unexpected artists in rap like Andre 3000…it’s that kind of creativity working in BLOW_FLYY’s favor here.

Believe me…if for some unknown reason he’s not catching your attention lyrically or vocally – the kickass bass-driven beat of “My Dreams” will make sure you don’t sleep on this one.  Personally I don’t think there’s a thing about this track you shouldn’t be digging on – the smoothness in the music has an ultra-cool vibe to it, the spoken-word parts are insanely creative and the texture itself has incredible hook & pull to it, the rap has confident tones and a precise rhythm…and it all adds up to a successful new single-worthy tune from BLOW_FLYY – “My Dreams” turned out seriously awesome to listen to.  In the sea-of-sameness…BLOW_FLYY continues to separate himself from the rest – every time we hear something new from him it’s highly worthwhile and altogether different from the last time, but never with a dip in quality and the man never disappoints with his creativity & performance-driven style.  He sounds right at home here on “My Dreams” and comfortable…you can tell this emcee is heading in all the right directions, the chilled-out rhythm & groove of this new single sounds like an artist that’s really found his voice, role & place within music and fully embracing his moment.  BLOW_FLYY never relies on his past success, never quits looking for that new level of his own creativity and always brings something new to the mic – he’s an audible pleasure to listen to every time and “My Dreams” is no exception.  Totally solid tune that flexes just as much skill as it does imagination & innovation – this guy always brings his A-game…his new single “My Dreams” is further proof of that; not that we needed it, but we’ll certainly take it.

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