BLOW_FLYY – Live @ The Revival 2015

 BLOW_FLYY – Live @ The Revival 2015


BLOW_FLYY – Live @ The Revival 2015

Strong impression on the mic and on the stage at Revival Bar in Toronto, Canada at the Landmark Events Showcase Festival in July of 2015, BLOW_FLYY got the crowd amped right-up to support him with an intense & memorable performance that keeps the energy on-point all the way through the set.

Personally…I don’t think you can ask much more from an emcee in a showcase performance setting where you want to go out and put your 100% on display – because BLOW_FLYY is clearly confident and in control of every moment.  Check out the multiple times that this vibrant hip-hopper keeps the audience at the forefront of his mind and involves them directly in shout-outs and the lyrics…you can tell that this wasn’t just another ordinary set that night; what BLOW_FLYY pulled off onstage in Toronto was certainly a moment in time that would have made an impact on many with its incredible energy.  I’m thinking that after everything I’ve seen in this video, the people in the club that night absolutely remembered his name after all was said & done and they’d seen multiple artists/bands onstage.  The man did all the right things from big-hooks to involving the crowd and being an all-around entertainer that delivered on the promise of solid, skillful rhymes and electrifying rhythm & flow.

Dude never quits…not even for a second…the final moments of this video completely speak to that as BLOW_FLYY continues to rock the mic for nearly two additional minutes at the end without any music! – that’s what you call making the most of your time y’all!

BLOW_FLYY continues to be a highly-active emcee out there in the music-scene today and is still kicking ass & taking names on the mic in Toronto.  Make sure to catch him onstage next chance you get – and until then, stay connected with all-things BLOW_FLYY by clicking on the official links below!

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