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Nevadasky – Nevada Sky

Nevadasky – Nevada Sky – EP Review JUST IN CASE anyone out there is wondering – if you wanna know how to get my attention instantly, make a record with a song like “Dust” at the beginning of it, will ya?  I’ve heard some amazing opening tracks and great gateways into all kinds of albums […]Read More

Lazarus Benson

Lazarus Benson Interview SBS:  Alright brother – stoked to have you with us!  You’ve had a busy year so far Mr. Benson, yessir.  Not that you haven’t had busy years in the past, but 2021 has seemed to have you fired up & ready to rock…you’ve cranked out at least four cuts that I know […]Read More

Lorenzo Gabanizza – “You’re Not There” Feat. Jeff Christie

Lorenzo Gabanizza – “You’re Not There” Feat. Jeff Christie – Single Review Holy team of all-stars! I don’t usually start my reviews out like this, but there’s a ton of people in the mix here that deserve a shout-out, so let’s do that.  Joining Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie on this single “You’re Not There,” […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu”

Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu” – Music Video Post See if you can guess which side of the fence notorious punkster Trey Wonder is on eh?  #tellushowyoureallyfeelbrother Meanwhile…someone pour me another round of Jack & vaccine will ya?  Yum yum.  Ya may as well bring another there bartender my friend…just keep’em comin.’  Of course […]Read More

Syndicate Same Ol’ – “Nobody Lose” / “Sicka Me”

Syndicate Same Ol’ – “Nobody Lose” / “Sicka Me” – Singles Review “I swear I wanna see you win no matter who you are.” You listen to this single by Syndicate Same Ol’ and you recognize instantly just how valid his perspective is…and how the world could really use a few more artists out there […]Read More

MOИK – Grief

MOИK – Grief – EP Review I’ll be as real with you as always…this might not be the best record by MOИK when it comes right down to it…but it could very well go on to be the most important EP you’ll ever find in his collection over time. There is…a story that comes along […]Read More

TWOFEW – “Fightin’ For”

TWOFEW – “Fightin’ For” – Single Review “1825 days in the making.” You’ve probably done a whole lot of cool things with your life, but have ya ever really made a 1825-day commitment to something?  Anything?  Unless we’re counting breathing…I suspect outside the things we kind of naturally go forward with…relationships, employment & whatnot…the chances […]Read More

JoeyNiles – “Who Are You”

JoeyNiles – “Who Are You” – Single Review Alrighty!  You learned a piece or two about artist JoeyNiles on the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, but far from the full story on the man behind the music.  For the most part, while I gave ya a couple of factoids here & there, I […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – “Moonlight Sonata In The Solitary Hour”

Pauline Frechette – “Moonlight Sonata In The Solitary Hour” – Single Review I like learning.  I saw this line on Pauline’s latest single posted about how this fusion between her song “In The Solitary Hour” and Beethoven’s legendary “Moonlight Sonata” and how “the combination of the two pieces of music has resulted in an enchanting […]Read More

James Ryan Outpost – “Summer Nights”

James Ryan Outpost – “Summer Nights” – Single Review We are ALL GOOD here my friends, yessir. I am not gonna lie to ya – I see a title like this, and all I do over here on this side of the screen is bite down hard, grit my teeth, click play, and immediately begin […]Read More

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