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SBS Podcast 151

Come check out a lineup from the early side of sound & a set-list stocked full of the future superstars of tomorrow!  We’ll be spinning songs by Taylor Hall, Life In A Tree, Hannyta, Taylor Roche, 432 Music Way, CASSANDRA, Amanda Barise, JOHO, Annie DiRusso, and our special guest, Antonio de la Torre, who we’ve […]Read More

Natural Groove Records Presents: Till Sunday Pirate/LAGARTO

Natural Groove Records Presents:  Till Sunday Pirate/LAGARTO – Singles Review Ahhh y’all know I love it when I get the opportunity to explore music that’s being made far, far away from where we’re based out of here in Canada – and thanks to good ol’ Natural Groove Records, we’re doing exactly that today as we […]Read More

Pidgie – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel

Pidgie – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – Single Review It is a little strange to sing about it while you’re doin’ it, and you are, ain’t it? Pidgie’s a unique character out there in this scene we share for sure.  Sometimes you stumble across people with a true […]Read More

SBS Podcast 150

Come check out a special episode of the SBS Podcast, starring Shannon!  We’ll be diving deep into the music of his new album called Lucky and learning all about the music this dude’s been making from originals to covers, and of course playing a ton of tracks along the way!  You know what to do […]Read More

SammyG300 – Delayed Satisfaction

SammyG300 – Delayed Satisfaction – EP Review I’ll tell ya this much…you’ll notice the highly relevant sound of SammyG300 from the moment you push play and his new EP kicks in through the opening track called “What It Takes” – you really couldn’t miss it.  “They told me that one day I’d shine,” as you’ll […]Read More

Twelve Days In June – “Hoped You Couldn’t Tell”

Twelve Days In June – “Hoped You Couldn’t Tell” – Single Review Hmmmm!  I’m thinking I like this. I mean…it’s one of those things right?  I have to kind of hedge my enthusiasm here somewhat…like, as in, how would YOU feel if people all around the world were like, “YES – I’m completely STOKED that […]Read More

Fantastic Trees – “The Haunted”

Fantastic Trees – “The Haunted” – Music Video Post Well would ya look at that…another Rock band burstin’ outta Boston you say?  I wonder if there has been a Canadian-based internet music-page has been relentlessly pointing out that growing scene over these past couple years or more…lemme think…lemme think… The most confusing thing I can […]Read More

Remy de Laroque – “BEE DREAMING”

Remy de Laroque – “BEE DREAMING” – Single Review For the record, as strange as it might seem to write a song that’s all about bees, the ALL-CAPS method is always gonna weird me out much more than any topic or concept ever could.  Is that just a me thing? Anyhow.  “BEE DREAMING” it is.  […]Read More

Palm Trees In Moscow – “Drunk At The Airport”

Palm Trees In Moscow – “Drunk At The Airport” – Single Review As a music reviewer…critic-guy…or whatever label it is you wanna apply to doing whatever it is I do here – listener – I hear a LOT of great things out there in this wonderful and wacky independent scene we share…and I can promise […]Read More

David D’Alessio – “Nowhere Else (I Wanna Be)”

David D’Alessio – “Nowhere Else (I Wanna Be)” – Single Review Well here’s something I think I wouldn’t have predicted…I like this even more than I liked David’s last single?  How’s that possible?  If you read the review I wrote on his song called “Before Tonight” towards the end of 2021, you’d be just as […]Read More