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BROCK – “CELESTE” – Music Video Post High-flyin’ good times with our main man BROCK in the mix this morning – the dude’s got a brand-new single/video out for a song called “CELESTE” that’ll take ya straight on an otherworldly trip into space.  The man has been on a verifiable hot streak of releases he’s […]Read More

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2 – Album Review “Musician/producer with not enough time on his hands.”  #Truth  #IHearYaBrother What a trip this record is!  I’m not even kidding…this is like…some kind of intergalactic concept & story woven into the fabric of the songs on Richard Self’s Lives Of The Ignorant Part […]Read More

Doug Cash – “Child Alone”

Doug Cash – “Child Alone” – Music Video Post Now here’s a track that the vast majority of us should all be able to get behind – artist Doug Cash has put out a brand-new single/video speaking up against child abuse, as directly as it gets, through his song called “Child Alone.”  Using stark imagery […]Read More

Jacapello – “Lullaby”

Jacapello – “Lullaby” – Single Review I tell ya folks…we’ve certainly come a long way as artists.  I’m sittin’ here, listening to a single called “Lullaby” by Jacapello, based out of the UK…and not only am I doing that from way over here on the other side of the globe in Canada, but I gotta […]Read More

Mr.Reaper – “Come Follow Me And We Ride”

Mr.Reaper – “Come Follow Me And We Ride” – Single Review “I keep on goin’ – and I keep on flowin.’  I never stop, ‘til my mind drops, tellin’ motherfuckers what I have, or what I have-not.”  I’m feelin’ it Mr.Reaper, and I know that I won’t be alone in that assessment – “Come Follow […]Read More

BlackLight – “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix)

BlackLight – “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix) – Audio Post Heck yeah! Here’s a cut that is fully guaranteed to put you straight into party mode – BlackLight’s “Come Party With Me” (Cowboy Mix) has got ALL that Electro groove, vibrant energy, and inspired spark you wanna find!  For an entire six-plus minutes…no joke […]Read More

Vices Inc – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With

Vices Inc – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” / “Forgotten Dust” – Singles Review So!  Probably best that I preface this a bit with the fact that I dig this band…Vices Inc seem like good people, and I remember them well from reviewing their singles “(Hold On) Gravitron” and “More Is Never […]Read More

MELØ – “Hopeless Romantic Creatures”

MELØ – “Hopeless Romantic Creatures” – Single Review It has definitely been a busy year for this synthetically special artist based out of Canada – MELØ has released a whole lot of tunes in 2022 so far, and we’ve been there from the beginning to see the excite build alongside the momentum.  What began with […]Read More

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love”

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love” – Music Video Post For three years straight, solo artist Eric Butterfield was cruising right along with a string of new singles out there, starting with “Wake Me In Paris” in 2018 and “Dead Ex-Boyfriend” back in 2019.  Before this brand-new tune called “Bad Love” that we’re posting up here […]Read More

Achilles Tenderloin – “Little Girl Blue”

Achilles Tenderloin – “Little Girl Blue” – Singles Review Hmmm…nothing better in music than a name that stands out…Achilles Tenderloin will do that for sure. There are many unique things about “Little Girl Blue,” the advance single from Joe Augustin’s solo project Achilles Tenderloin, with an album coming out next year called Tincture For Trouble.  […]Read More