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Mark DiPino – “Love Goes Viral”

With so many artists & bands & people out there in the world focused all too much on the many hardships & personal issues experienced during the days of Covid – it’s excellent to find someone like Mark DiPino that has found a much more positive perspective on how the pandemic has affected us all.  […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “The City”

Aldrich Benson – “The City” – Single Review You’ve heard at least one of the reasons why I love these guys in the previous review of Aldrich Benson’s song “Middle Of The Night” posted up today – and if you look up top, now you can SEE one too. I’m sure they’d be the first […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Middle Of The Night”

Aldrich Benson – “Middle Of The Night” – Single Review These guys might just be my new heroes. I’m not gonna give you ALL the details as to WHY that is in this singular review however…if you want the full picture & story of what I’m hearing in Aldrich Benson and what’s got me diggin’ […]Read More

Frank Zeno – “Panic Attack”

Frank Zeno – “Panic Attack” – Single Review Solid craft in the sound of Frank Zeno on this brand-new single called “Panic Attack,” which according to the notes I’ve got here, is part of a side-project he’s officially starting up with his good friend Sonny Emory, who is currently drumming for the one & only […]Read More


A stellar dose of style, swagger, and real personality on display flows all throughout the latest joint by NOAH called “LIE TO” – this man here clearly knows how to make a solid impact in less than two minutes.  With a melodic flow to his Trap backed by a subtle beat and his homeboy UNO […]Read More

L T Balkin – 7 Years Too Late

L T Balkin – 7 Years Too Late – Album Review Rumor has it this Aussie used to be a significant force in the Punk scene back in the day. That being said, if you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you would have heard something entirely different from artist/producer/DJ L […]Read More

Souleye – “Ghost Steps”

Souleye – “Ghost Steps” – Single Review Fantastic to have this dude back in action this year – it’s been a minute since we had Souleye here on our pages & it sounds like the man is in for a seriously awesome 2021 with a brand-new record called Hunting Teardrops coming out officially online March […]Read More


If you require any proof that the past can be just as relevant today and still sound fresh AF in the process – look & listen no further than this track “BELLCAT” sliced from the stellar lineup of BROCK’s 2019 record F Concept.  This dude has had his wheels turning so quickly it’s damn near […]Read More

Don Gritty – “Waste No Time”

Don Gritty – “Waste No Time” – Single Review I mean…don’t get me wrong y’all…I’m just sayin’ it MIGHT be a lil’ bit easier to say it ain’t all about money after you’re already ballin’ with a Porsche & packin’ gold grillz, you dig?  But I do appreciate the sentiment Don Gritty is rockin’ with, […]Read More

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