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SBS Podcast 080

Bars for days on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We got wild emcees from throughout the scene on the show today, plus an interview with artist RA Light in the mix for ya, music from our main guest, and cuts from Alby Sound, Gentry Fox, J Speed, Nobility, Cunabear, A-B-E, Ain’t No Other, […]Read More

Mark Henes – “Ghost Train”

Mark Henes – “Ghost Train” – Music Video Release/Review Exciting times for artist Mark Henes…dude’s workin’ his way towards his first official debut record rumored to be called Crystallized Reflections & scheduled for release sometime around the end of October next year.  And you artists & bands out there know full well what that time […]Read More

Lil Dream – “VOSS”

Dude balls so hard even his water comes straight from the top shelf yo! Lil Dream is right in the flow of his single “VOSS” from the record Swipe Rixh 2 – it’s crystal clear that this is an emcee that knows his way around the bars, hooks, and rhythm.  With a big bass-beat cut […]Read More

Ghostreaper – “Sons Of The Gun”

Ghostreaper is gettin’ ready to scorch the earth this year with a hybrid debut album that fuses Metal with the wild wild west – their new record Straight Out Of Hell arrives officially on December 6th this year.  If you’re a fan of everything from serious Hard Rock to Traditional/Modern Metal, you’re going to want […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Here Comes The Sun”

We’ve heard some really rad stuff from Ltronnika this year – and I’m stoked to announce we’ve got some more for ya here today!  One of my favorites so far in fact – “Here Comes The Sun” seriously jams! Like many great artists & bands, songs & records out there, the real key to victory […]Read More

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden”

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden” – Music Video Release/Review “Dedicated to all those who struggle with addiction and, or mental illness…stay strong.” Like I’ve pointed out on these pages of ours several times throughout the years – it’s all about how you choose to use your platform as an artist.  Sure the world’s likely going […]Read More

Lucid Ending – “Long Live The Joker”

Canadian Alt-Rock band Lucid Ending are busting out a timely release with their new single “Long Live The Joker” amidst the recent success of the new movie with Joaquin Phoenix capturing the interest of the planet – chances are, this four-piece out of Edmonton, Alberta, will catch the curiosity of the people out there looking […]Read More

Kokilla – “Estouro”

Lightin’ it up on your screens and puttin’ the fire in your speakers all the way from Brazil – Kokilla’s got a brand-new single called “Estouro” and a stellar new video to support it.  Trappin’ & rappin with wild effects & colors in the mix to keep you entertained – Kokilla keeps the rhymes & […]Read More

Little Ghost – “Mother Warned You”

Sometime back in March earlier this year, I latched onto the delicate & beautiful sound of Little Ghost after reviewing the Beneath The Surface EP – and I haven’t let go for a moment since.  As far as my ears are concerned, the music of Dustin Sendejas is easily one of the best things I’ve […]Read More