"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

BROCK – “2C”

BROCK – “2C” – Music Video Post There we go!  Awesome to have the chef back in the kitchen where the man belongs, you feel me? If you read my last post on BROCK’s music in the reappearance of his single “BUSTANG” as “BUSTANG GT,” you’ll know what I mean by that for sure – […]Read More

Josh Christina – “Weekend Night In America”

Josh Christina – “Weekend Night In America” – Single Review Another highlight example of how warped time really is over here on this side of the screen – to me, it was just yesterday when I was listening to Josh Christina’s single called “Friend Zone” and I can still hear the main hooks repeating in […]Read More

Come Taste The Misery – House Of Silence

Come Taste The Misery – House Of Silence – EP Review What the… …what IS all this? You’re telling me that, from the time we posted up “Wrong Side Of Heaven” back in the summer of 2020 – in what’s basically been a year & three months since, Come Taste The Misery has pretty much […]Read More

The Samhain Hot – “Dance By The Scarecrow”

The Samhain Hot – “Dance By The Scarecrow” – Music Video Post I know what you’re thinking.  “Dance By The Scarecrow?” To which I propose – why NOT “Dance By The Scarecrow?”  As a person that has no moves worthy of busting out on an actual club dance floor…I’m just sayin’ – I’d probably be […]Read More

Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away”

Brian Iannucci – “You Stole My Heart Away” – Single Review You know something…I think I can get behind this – if more Country music artists were making their music outta piano-based melodies, I’d likely be much more inclined to listen for sure.  Dude sounds really good on his brand-new single “You Stole My Heart […]Read More

Lielack – “Nu4U”

Lielack – “Nu4U” – Single Review I just wanna make sure I’ve got the moral of this story straight after watching the video.  When life gives you lemons and your potential bride to be says no to your proposal on live national television, the natural solution is to head right over to the ol’ garage, […]Read More

Monsieur Job – “Backstabbers” / “Me Say Me Do (Remix)”

Monsieur Job – “Backstabbers” / “Me Say Me Do (Remix)” – Singles Review This is grade A y’all. Look…I’ll be real with ya – I see a band or artist out there with more than ten songs on a record and I’m already supremely nervous for them, given the fact there’s only about three perfect […]Read More

Juliana Hale

Official Biography The sensational sound, empowered vibes, and positive mindset driving the incredible music of solo artist Juliana Hale can all be traced directly to a lifetime spent immersed in the craft, and her true dedication to the art of making music.  By the time she was only eight years old, Juliana had already established […]Read More

Latt Mowen – The Girl Who Was A Crow

Latt Mowen – The Girl Who Was A Crow – Album Review Went deep down the rabbit hole with this one. You know me…always trying to find out more without having to tug on someone’s sleeve and have them lead me there directly.  So I’m sitting here…looking at an album credited to Latt Mowen…and good […]Read More

SBS Podcast 131

Tune in for a lineup of cuts that’ll take ya on a rollercoaster of emotions from one side of the extremes to the other!  We’ve got an excellent show in-store for ya this week – you’ll hear songs by Thelma Ball, Chasing Jonah, Victoria Celestine, Sanny Veloo, Tough On Fridays, DWARF, CLIFFDIVER – a double-shot […]Read More

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