The Violet Nines – “Cloud 9”

 The Violet Nines – “Cloud 9”

The Violet Nines – “Cloud 9” – Single Review

Mmmm hmmm!  Yes indeed…this single is designed to bring a lil’ soul & sunshine into your day.

The Violet Nines will get you onboard their bandwagon pretty quickly with the smooth & sweet sounds they’re working with on their dreamy, love-infused single “Cloud 9.”  You’ll hear impressive musicianship instantly from the bass-lines of Andy Elmeer…essential keyboard contributions from O’SAY and likely Ben Cline as well, the latter of which also plays saxophone for the band.  Not this time around, but others…you get the idea, the point is, they’ve got two keyboardists and a wide range of talents to choose from there…that’s what I’m sayin’ here.  Together, these three elements alone likely could have rocked on and entertained us all no problemo – but they’ve got two more members that make massive moves on “Cloud 9” that it couldn’t exist without.  Nick Eagon’s guitars might play a more subtle role in the gentle mix of a track like this, but there’s no doubt he’s a large part of what keeps the sweetness rolling through this song & the melody moving.  Plus moments where he breaks through like around the 1:40-mark also enhance the personality & charm you’ll find running abundantly throughout “Cloud 9.”

And then lastly, but certainly not leastly, is singer Veronica Fritsch…who will guide this band to the victories & success they deserve one day for sure.  She’s got an exceptional voice, delivers with brilliant confidence & beautiful tone, and she knows how to suit her energy to the benefits of the song overall.  Lyrically, I’m pretty much all about it…though I suppose much more partial to the verses – I think the words & imagery The Violet Nines are using there works completely; as for the chorus, I’m not gonna say I’m super in-love with it…but I do acknowledge that it’s a hook that hits the mark.  Is it a little over the top in its blissful expression of love?  Perhaps.  But at the same time, why the heck not?  The world could use a lil’ more optimism & quality love-songs right now – and you get that from The Violet Nines here on “Cloud 9.”

Try this though…just hear me out…go to their pages and play “Cloud 9” for yourself – and just see if you can resist the first twenty-five seconds and how welcoming & inviting this song already is by that point.  I guarantee ya, it’s going to be downright impossible for most of you…and immediately after that marker on the timeline, Victoria takes the lead vocals for a soulful spin, giving you a stunning performance on the mic that’ll keep you listening for certain.  They’re working with a throwback-kind of coolness, keepin’ it chilled-out & beautiful with the bright tones in the music, and Fritsch supplies the soul it all required with what she brings to her performance.  Everything about “Cloud 9” comes out comfortable, sounding like it’s all right where it should be…that whole ‘everything in its right place’ effect that occurs when a group of players are truly all on the same page and united in their vision for what a song could be.  The Violet Nines get to the heart of this lead-single & title-track from their brand-new EP with an almost surgical precision, with every member having a significant role in why it comes out as brilliant, shiny, welcoming, catchy, and inviting as it does.  The performance from all-hands on deck deserves a high-five…”Cloud 9” feels & sounds like an experience that is wonderfully natural & impressively sweet.

All that good stuff being said – hearing all this sweetness detonate in such an incredible way as they storm through the instrumental breakdown around the 2:45 mark was both one of the most unexpected transitions I’ve heard this year, and one of the most welcome ones at the very same time.  They rumble, shake the walls, and dazzle with synth & keyboard melodies for a good thirty-five seconds or so…it’s a significant portion of the song and a moment that couldn’t possibly be missed for either its innovative ideas or the straight-up massive sound that comes with it.  Awesomeness!  What’s maybe the best part though…is that in keeping this song on repeat, you go straight back into those magical opening twenty-five seconds with the backing vocals and supreme smoothness of the bass & keys leading the way…and you’re ‘in it’ all over again, ready to ride this song right to the final moments all over again.  Extraordinarily sweet & pleasant sounds run vibrantly through the melody & music that The Violet Nines have created on “Cloud 9” – this is an excellent single to introduce the people out there to their band.

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