Zhaojiabang – “Shen Pian”

Zhaojiabang – “Shen Pian” – Single Review What can I say?  I enjoy being right just as much as the next person…especially when it comes to music. When we were first introduced to the Shanghai-based art/alt-rock band back in June of this year through the single & video for their song “La Patience” – I […]Read More

Zhaojiabang – “La Patience”

Zhaojiabang – “La Patience” – Single Review Mind blown.  This might be one of the coolest things I’ve experienced all year. Grim as all fuck…don’t get me wrong…we’re dealing with some HEAVY concepts here – but man are they relatable and man is this done RIGHT.  The new single “La Patience” from Zhaojiabang is a […]Read More