SBS Podcast 084

Let’s all celebrate the fact that the Christmas tunes are packed away for another sweet, sweet eleven months or so, and turn up some real tunes for the new year! We’ll be talking about the artist Prymrr on the show today, in addition to spinning cuts from The Brilliance, Olga Solar, Correigh, Echoofmyvoice, Nomadic Attic, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 052

A new episode to keep you company before we shut it all down here for a couple days to jet off to Toronto & go watch St. Vincent perform!  We’d never leave you without leaving ya with a whole bunch of great tunes to listen to though, so enjoy this set and turn these up […]Read More

Yam Haus – “West Coast”

Yam Haus – “West Coast” – Single Review Shiny! No real idea of what I was in for with a band name like Yam Haus – but I’ll fully admit the name itself caught my attention even before the music did.  It just sounds like FUN doesn’t it? And wouldn’t you know it…peeling open this […]Read More