Jason Vare

This month at the homepage, interviews are being sent out all over the place.  We’ve sent out a bunch this August and we’re gonna keep that roll going strong throughout the rest of 2017 for ya with a bunch of 10-question interviews that are the same for all, so we can see/hear/identify what those common […]Read More

SBS Podcast 004

I clearly need my old co-host back just to keep me on some sort of schedule! It’s been far too long! And full-disclosure…I’ve had this one recorded for a while now…just too sick to function and get it out there lately! I mean…look at the cover of this episode…I’m down to skin & bones! Featuring […]Read More

We Steal Flyers – Applecart

We Steal Flyers – Applecart – Album Review Could I BE any more PROUD of the fact that we’re listening to We Steal Flyers once again?  NOT A CHANCE! There are but a few bands & artists out there that have truly helped shape and define a lot of what I do here at sleepingbagstudios […]Read More

Shagpile – Outside In

Shagpile – Outside In – Album Review Well now! I suppose a “Happy Anniversary” or sorts, is due to all involved today… When we first started reviewing independent albums on the site, we were led to a tiny-two piece band way over in the UK called We Steal Flyers, and we reviewed their album Sidecars & […]Read More

We Steal Flyers – Sidecars & Sideshows

We Steal Flyers – Sidecars & Sideshows – Album Review I have to admit once I had read the name of this band I had a completely different impression of the sound of We Steal Flyers and their music already buzzing inside my head. I envisioned young punks taking posted information off of telephone poles back […]Read More

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