SBS Podcast 020

15 amazing tunes from the independent music-scene that we discovered over 2016…all released as singles & technically weren’t eligible for our annual contest for Best New Sound – but they certainly still get recognized here on our show for the amazing contribution they made to music last year! And besides that…all that awesomeness makes for […]Read More

SBS Podcast 002

A firm decision has been made! The plan is to feature ten tracks that continue to last on my own personal playlist, all gathered from the incredible independent music-scene of course!  Episode 002 features music from: The Shivers – Unravels Slowly – Joseph Tonelli – Ramsey – Undocument – Utuvis Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples […]Read More

Unravels Slowly – “Signal Flare”

Unravels Slowly – “Signal Flare” – Single Review It’s rare…you probably wouldn’t think it happens all that often here at sleepingbagstudios…but sometimes the volume actually does get turned down. I can’t quite explain how this tragic event occurs, there’s almost never a reason I could think that would justify the actionable offense of turning the […]Read More