Unravels Slowly – “Signal Flare”

 Unravels Slowly – “Signal Flare”

Unravels Slowly – “Signal Flare” – Single Review

It’s rare…you probably wouldn’t think it happens all that often here at sleepingbagstudios…but sometimes the volume actually does get turned down. I can’t quite explain how this tragic event occurs, there’s almost never a reason I could think that would justify the actionable offense of turning the music down…yet, every once in a while, I suppose a semi-valid reason comes along that creates this need to do so.

So I’m sure you can appreciate how quickly I ran to the volume to turn UP this new song from Unravels Slowly called “Signal Flare.” As the intro began its subtle xylophonic-tones, I assumed it was just a quiet intro until I heard the music kick-in and the voice of Stephen Bridges not nearly as loud as I was about to want to. There was that familiar chill down my spine already in hearing what I could before maximizing this volume…I could hear sincerity and an absolutely beautiful melody coming to vibrant life on “Signal Flare.”

Once the volume was under control, all confirmations of what I was hearing became insanely clear; there’s a very gifted songwriter here in Unravels Slowly. Since it’s all recorded, produced & such by one man alone…Stephen deserves all the credit in the world for coming up with this outstandingly stunning tune. It has the purity and melancholy to the melody that you can find in the ultimate albums from Coldplay…back in their humble beginnings on Parachutes. The use of space and precision on “Signal Flare” is nothing short of completely insightful, professional and the indication of truly amazing things to come in the future from Unravels Slowly.

No joke – I’m STOKED on what I’m hearing here in “Signal Flare” and I cannot wait to hear more from this project of Stephen’s. The lyrics echo the melancholy of the mood & atmosphere; they’re sung beautifully…he exercises an inspiring amount of control with a complex & creative tone to his approach that really hits the mark. Think someone like Johnny Gnecco of Ours in his quieter, more beautiful moments…you can certainly entertain other bands like Coldplay, Elbow, Palo Alto, Athlete, Eskimo Joe…these are all similar sounds; you can rest assured that Unravels Slowly is on the path to keeping incredible company as close friends and allies. The writing is there entirely…the production is perfection and the ideas are all exceptionally executed; “Signal Flare,” in a word, is gorgeous.

For a first experience into someone’s music, style and sound – you can’t ask for more than what you’ll find here from Unravels Slowly. And I can admit to not knowing that what’s coming out of Jackson, Mississippi would have been this good or deliver this much of an impact in a first single. “Signal Flare” is the first song on the upcoming album Autumn Fire from Unravels Slowly…and from it sounds like in the depth of the writing in both music and lyrics, there’s a story to be told here. Clearly Stephen is one of those artists we love to find here at SBS; the kind that truly has something to say…a unique perspective to offer…new ideas to hear. “Signal Flare” and its combination of vocals, piano, keys, guitars, bass, drums…individually these elements all possesses such a subtle-magic on their own but when assembled together as they’ve been written, recorded & produced by Stephen, the entire track becomes extraordinary from any angle you can possibly examine it.

Fantastic first experience with Unravels Slowly – now I’m just hoping it’s not too slowly…because I want the rest of this album as fast as I can get it; “Signal Flare” is bold, beautiful and shines like the star this songwriter is sure to become if he keeps this up.

And I’m not even kidding folks…this project is NEW…this is the first single released from Autumn Fire and it just came out like, ten days ago. And this…dear readers, dear pals…is the kind of artistic music out there that truly thrives with confirmation and support.

Because let me be crystal-clear – I want that upcoming album…but more importantly, music like this really needs to continue to get made by exceptional artists like Stephen…and it’s always up to us to support that, so DO it!

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