December Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Ohhhhhhhh but we have some laughs, don’t we? When we started the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles, it was a genuine test to see what the organic level of support for the independent music-scene really is out there…a metrics test, if you will – or at least, checking to see if there’s a heartbeat […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 153

Come watch a brand-new live set out of the vault and check out West My Friend from back in 2015 at the Acoustic Emporium – and stick around for a spotlight on the latest record by The Music Therapy Experiment & a bonus video from I, Useless on SBS Live This Week! To find out […]Read More

The Music Therapy Experiment – Art and Science

Official Press Release The Music Therapy Experiment Has Released Their Brand-New Record – Art and Science Is Out Now! From the moment they released their debut record Genus Equus back in 2017, the duo of Mark Christianson and John P. Kline, entered into an entire realm of inventive instrumental sound with limitless potential and possibilities.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 122

You know what to do – tune in & turn up! We’ve got a stellar lineup of musical melodies, instrumentals, and more in-store for ya on this episode of the SBS Podcast – come have a listen to what’s happening out there in the independent scene we all love & share together!  We’ll be talking […]Read More

The Music Therapy Experiment – Art And Science

The Music Therapy Experiment – Art And Science – Album Review By the time this review comes out, it’ll be nearly a full two years since our introduction to the duo of Dr. John Kline & Mark Christianson of The Music Therapy Experiment through the release of their album A Thousand Words in the middle […]Read More

March Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was music, we featured it, chances are ya didn’t listen, but hey, it’s always sweet to have a reason to repeat ourselves. The SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles channel is now closing in on DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers inside of three long months! Absolutely incredible.  Definitions may vary. Anyhow…to all eight of you […]Read More

SBS Podcast 096

Another special show for ya today on the SBS Podcast!  Artist Marcelo Camela takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ll play a brand-new cut from his upcoming record, in addition to a whole lineup of tunes that celebrate instrumental awesomeness in a ton of exciting styles for ya!  Featuring music from […]Read More

The Music Therapy Experiment – Semi Automata

The Music Therapy Experiment – Semi Automata – Album Review I tell ya…there are some bands out there that should be competing for the top spots of your playlists when it comes to imaginative, expressive, and all-around excellently innovative musicianship – and you got it, The Music Therapy Experiment would certainly be in the running […]Read More

The Music Therapy Experiment – A Thousand Words

The Music Therapy Experiment – A Thousand Words – Album Review Well sweet home Mobile, Alabama – what do we have here? I dig these guys & what they stand for…just a quick read through their social-media pages & sifting through their postings will instantly reveal the passion & fun that the dynamic duo of […]Read More