SBS Live This Week 147

Come get some live independent Grunge Rock deep inside ya! The Pit take over The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver in 2016, and we’ve got a bonus vid from The Cellophane Heart in the mix for ya this week! To find out more about how to become a part of our show, be an interview guest, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 138

You know how we do it here – time to haul out another set from the vault to keep you entertained while the scene is still in lockdown.  We’re fightin’ the virus with Gyrus this week, live from The Backstage Lounge back in 2014 – and we’ll take you back for a bonus track to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 118

Rippin’ another set right outta the vault for ya – we head back to 2014 when we hit up The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver to see Scissortooth scorch the stage after Gyrus started the show opening up for Fey & Closer on an unforgettable night of Metal and mayhem. Stick around for a bonus video […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 108

The latest set out of the vault from our First Five Years series of raw live footage on SBS Live This Week features Vancouver Noise-Rock behemoths Closer live on stage at The Backstage Lounge in 2014 slaying and crushing a killer performance for ya – and stick around, we got wild NorCal Punk from A […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 066

This episode check out a wicked set of tunes from Vancouver grunge-rock band Fey, from the Backstage Lounge in 2014 celebrating the release of their album Bye Bipolar and ripping out the new cuts LIVE onstage for one of the first times you could’ve seen’em! Featuring a spotlight/bonus video from National Impurities too – as […]Read More

0108 – Closer (Live @ The Backstage Lounge 2014) Album

Closer or Closer…however you choose to pronounce it…doesn’t matter to me or them I’m sure as long as you’re checking out their music!  If you’re around the Vancouver music-scene then you’re already familiar with these noise-rock behemoths…they’ve shown up on just about every stage throughout the city and neighbouring cities throughout the past three-four years, […]Read More

0103 – Gyrus (Live @ The Backstage Lounge 2014)

Gotta admit…Gyrus wasn’t my normal thing, but they put on a great show that night with a WICKED line-up in Vancouver that put them onstage with grunge-rock band Fey, noise-rockers Closer and another band I didn’t know before that night called Scissortooth.  Gyrus came out gunning hard and set the pace for what became an […]Read More

The Pit – “Closer” (Live @ The Backstage Lounge 2016)

Time to bring out some new videos for SBS Separated in 2016! We’ll start this off with the very last live song we saw in Vancouver…right before we packed up to move to Ottawa.  The Pit are featured below in a performance of their song “Closer” – and you won’t fuckin believe your eyes when […]Read More