SBS Podcast 151

Come check out a lineup from the early side of sound & a set-list stocked full of the future superstars of tomorrow!  We’ll be spinning songs by Taylor Hall, Life In A Tree, Hannyta, Taylor Roche, 432 Music Way, CASSANDRA, Amanda Barise, JOHO, Annie DiRusso, and our special guest, Antonio de la Torre, who we’ve […]Read More

SBS Podcast 102

Stocked full of stylistic sound & sparkling hooks comin’ atcha – tune in & turn up for the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be spinning incredible cuts from throughout the independent scene, including songs from Taylor Roche, RaR, Meena Kaye, Nvsh, Neon Radiation, PRINS, Lil Ink, and The Kunig – and we’ll be […]Read More

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That”

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That” – Single Review Beautifully heartbreaking. Not just the song mind you…the process as well.  From what I’ve read in my travels around the internet & the information out there, “Never Like That” was quite the emotional journey to create.  Imagine you’re Taylor Roche for a moment…a young dude with […]Read More