SBS Podcast 006

Awesome new music from Sonificade, A Truth Called Nothing, B. Notes, Da Butcher, The L.A.W., Roy Catlin & The Dudes, Undocument, Jack Of None, Scott SK Miller & A.Lane, Styop Quoons and your host Jer @ SBS – come get it!   To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview […]Read More

Styop Quoons – Machine Gun Bacon

Styop Quoons – Machine Gun Bacon – EP Review I’ll tell you this much…you don’t get a name/title like this outside of the electro-genre…ya just don’t.  It’s also fair to assume, that out of all the different styles & types of electro out there…that a name/title combination like this is also going to be quite […]Read More