SBS Podcast 011

Excellent tunes to bring in the energy. Feelin’ the burn of the midsummer grind…Jer @ SBS pulls out songs from the indie-catalog to bust you outta that funk – come get some! Music from Acres Of Lions, EMPRA, Marriage Material, Red Martian, Morning Fame and Trevino in addition to brand-new songs from Joseph Tonelli, Shellshock […]Read More

Shellshock Lullaby – A Lighter Shade

Shellshock Lullaby – A Lighter Shade – Album Review I was digging on the sounds of the background-vocals of Shellshock Lullaby even before the first song “I’ve Walked That Road” began to fully bloom.  Met with a sound that mixed the acoustic-vibes of tender indie moments like you’d find in the music of Superchunk mixed […]Read More