SBS Podcast 072

Taking you from one side of the musical universe to the other – we got a double-episode special for ya, loaded with tunes & inspiration you KNOW you want, need, and crave for the upcoming summer.  Brand-new music in the mix from School Friends, Justin Llamas, and Mystah Spaulding featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The […]Read More

Rob Georg – “Ghost” / “Time For Some Ink”

Rob Georg – “Ghost” / “Time For Some Ink” – Singles Review Really digging the spirit & attitude of this cowboy behind the scenes.  For what it’s worth, he beats the odds for me personally too, and makes a brand of Country music I’m more than willing to listen to – a bit of that […]Read More

Rob Georg – Singles

Rob Georg – Singles Review If you tuned into the recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ll have found us taking a turn into Country music for a section of the show – rare for us, but when there’s something worth spinning & talking about, you know we find a way to make some time […]Read More

SBS Podcast 067

Ready to take ya all over the musical map with a whole range of sounds & songs from our incredible independent music-scene – come join in the audio awesomeness!  Got excellent stuff in the mix from Cheena Black Monrow, Toby Poynter, Matthew Hipps, Dylan Schneider, I, Useless, and Onetwothreescream for ya on the show today, […]Read More