BishoppThaGreat – “Ridiculous”

BishoppThaGreat – “Ridiculous” – Music Video Release/Review “This shit is so ridiculous!” Well sheeeeeeeeit, he’s got that right.  BishoppThaGreat takes the mic for a rhythmic spin on the way he hits the bars on his latest single “Ridiculous.”  When you listen to the pace, precision, metering, cadence, and flow…there’s no doubt at all that this […]Read More

Mleo – “Ridiculous”

Mleo – “Ridiculous” – Single Review Absolutely a memorable moment in time from Mleo…I’m loving this new single “Ridiculous” – this is entirely rad throughout its every second. From the west-coast & based out of Sacremento & L.A. – I bet you’ll hear what I’m hearing here in this single; these four deserve an incredible […]Read More